Jeff Sessions announces plan to defund sanctuary cities1 minute read

Finally sanctuary cities will lose funding

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Throughout the presidential campaign, Donald Trump promised to defund sanctuary cities, and finally this will happen. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, during the White House press briefing earlier today announced that any states that do not comply with federal law will be losing their federal funding, and some may even have to pay back the funding they already received.

Month after month more and more crimes are committed by people that are in this country illegally, and some states are literally keeping and harboring these illegal immigrants against federal law and nothing was being done about it. Until now, President Trump and Attorney General Sessions are finally putting Americans first.

Even some of those states are claiming they don’t care if their funding is being taken away, they will “always be a sanctuary city”. That is even more disgusting than being a sanctuary city in the first place. Saying that your opinion as a Governor, or Mayor or what have you, is more important than the citizens of your state or city. The people of the state will suffer when funding gets cut, not the local government.

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