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What is RealNSE.com?

RealNSE.com is dedicated to being your #1 Alternative News Source for REAL News, Sports and Entertainment. Previously known as DjBootleg.com or Dj Bootleg’s Blog, we’ve been bringing our readers truth through journalism for well over 3 years. We are an independent news site that has no mainstream media affiliations and this site is paid for, designed and maintained by it’s owner Nicolas Bowling or Dj Bootleg. We are based out of Tampa, Florida but have readers from around the world. We are always looking for additional journalists to add to our team, if you are interested in writing for RealNSE.com please contact Nicolas, @NicoREALNSE, text (813) 420-5252, or email Nico@RealNSE.com. We give our writers full range to write about whatever they like.

Current writers..

Nicolas Bowling (Dj Bootleg)
Nicolas Bowling – Founder and Head Writer of RealNSE.com

Nicolas ‘Nico’  Bowling (formerly known as Dj Bootleg) was born in 1991. As a result of being home educated he was encouraged to follow his dreams. He graduated early and completed his Computer Support Technical Degree. He started his first website from scratch when he was only 12 years old. That site was up for 8 years and was updated daily with the best new music. He was the #1 rated DJ in Tampa Florida on the Reverbnation.com charts for years relating to his mixtapes. He was a Slip n Slide DJ, which is a major record label. As the music industry evolved and the internet became more relevant and useful, music was much easier to obtain. Nicolas decided to close the website and start a blog. The blog focused more on his opinion of different subjects that interested him, rather than the news. Nicolas ran his blog for over a year and a half and obtained a significant amount of readers. Before the 2016 election started Nicolas did not have a strong interest in politics, “I didn’t feel that my opinion would make a difference or even matter.” Nicolas went on to explain, “but it really all changed when I saw how serious Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump was about becoming president and putting America first. That is when politics became a passion of mine” Nico continued. “It was then that I really woke up and saw that people can make a difference and realized that I wanted to be involved.” This motivated Nico to start a brand new alternative news site, called RealNSE.com ,Your #1 alternative news source for Real News, Sports & Entertainment. He started writing articles on the election and realized that Donald Trump was the best candidate for the job. Nico’s site quickly grew to be a source for many people to stay up to date on what’s going on in the world around them. It eventually grew and Nico had to bring on another writer. Nicolas brought on his good friend and fellow patriot Rolando Kirk.

RealNSE.com has been featured on a number of major shows such as the Alex Jones show, InfoWars.com, AM Tampa Bay, Bubba Radio Network, and many others. RealNSE.com reaches thousands of readers each day and is only continuing to grow.

Nicolas gives a great deal of credit for his success to being home educated for most of his childhood. “My mother always made sure I was learning and taught me to take initiative. I could be anything I wanted.” Nicolas added “I have an older sister who is a sucessful pediatric nurse and her encouragement and support has always been invaluable to me.” Nico continued, “My father was the one who taught me to be such a hard worker. I never jump into something unless I believe in it and give it everything I have to reach success.” Nicolas explained. Nicolas gets his patriotism from his Grandfather Leo, who served in the Air Force for 20 years. “My Grandfather worked diligently to obtain both a bachelors and dual master’s degrees

Rolando Kirk (Roll)
Instagram: @KingKirk813
Facebook: rkirk10
Email: sgkirk21@yahoo.com