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Yet another athlete disrespects the National Anthem

Despite representing The United States in an Olympic event, Gwen Berry decided to turn her back when the National…

Breaking: NFL wide receiver Keyshawn Johnson‘s daughter Maia has passed…

Former Super Bowl XXXVII champion Keyshawn Johnson shared some tragic news hours ago that his firstborn child has…

Safe vaccine? Boxing legend Marvin Hagler DEAD after vaccination

Boxing legend Marvin Hagler ended up in the ICU after getting the so-called “safe” COVID-19 vaccine. Sadly, he is…

Ben Askren discounts Jake Paul as boxer, says will KO him in coming match

Retired MMA fighter and wrestling legend Ben Askren has agreed to box Jake Paul. But is Askren overlooking Jake’s…

Dana White to announce news on Khabib Nurmagomedov today

Dana White says he has spoke to UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov regarding a possible return and will…

The Brooklyn Nets Win While they get James Harden In Epic Trade

It was once upon a time when the Knicks were on top of the eastern conference and the Nets were bumbling around.…

Predictions on the 2020 NFL Divisional Round

The NFL divisional rounds are now upon us. Lets breakdown each of the coming games!

Nate Diaz Set to Return to the UFC

Nate Diaz has been one of the UFC’s most prolific fighter with 20 wins. Looks like the bad guy is coming back to…

The Same Old Cleveland Browns | Steelers vs Browns Recap

The Browns defeated the Steelers and sent them packing to a brutal whooping of 48 to 37. Let’s recap the game!


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