14 year old girl raped by illegal immigrant in school restroom2 minute read

We need to fix this! Get these criminals out!

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How many times does something so horrific like this have to happen before people wake up and see that Donald Trump’s stronger border and illegal immigration plan is smart? Yet another disgusting and vile criminal act done by someone who was in our country and shouldn’t have been.

A 14 year old girl (who’s name is not being release – for good reason) in Rockville, Maryland was brutally raped by two men inside of a high school restroom. One of the men is an illegal immigrant, who was attending the high school using our tax dollars.

  • Henry Sanchez-Milian – 18 years old – illegal immigrant
  • Jose Montano – 17 years old – citizen

Sanchez-Milian, was here illegally and even detained by ICE several months ago. ICE detained him, then let him go for a “pending alien removal case”. Well, it appears that didn’t happen. Now a young girl has been raped by this piece of filth.

Even with all of these crimes coming from illegal immigrants, the people on the left continue to see nothing wrong with it, and call you a racist if you don’t want these criminals in our country. We need a better border wall, we need stronger immigration laws, and more importantly we need ICE and law enforcement officers that will take action when these criminals need to be kicked out of the country.

I find it funny that the people on the left say “they aren’t criminals, they’re good people”. NO! When you enter our country illegally, you are a criminal.

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