Here’s the proof that we have that Russia hacked our election… and its YUGE!1 minute read

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Here's the proof that we have that Russia hacked our election... and its YUGE!

That’s right folks. There is absolutely NO evidence supporting the narrative that the dying mainstream media is pushing that Russia somehow magically influenced our election and aided Donald Trump to victory. This is so far left, its unbelievable. What the media is referring to is the Wikileaks email dumps in which Julian Assange already stated numerous times that his leaker wasn’t from Russia, but rather someone inside the DNC. Russia had absolutely NOTHING to do with Donald Trump’s victory on November 8th. We the people did, you, me, and most of all God. The CIA is saying they have evidence that shows Russia hacked our elections. But yet they wont release them to the public. But a better point to make is why is the CIA concerned with the United States election? By law they are not able to work inside the United States.

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