Obama calls the ILLEGAL contents on Hillary Clinton’s email “routine stuff”2 minute read

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President Obama held his final press conference of 2016 earlier today, as there were many stand out statements by Obama, which I’ll be writing about later, one really stood out to me. When talking about the “Russian hacking” into the DNC server as well as Hillary Clinton’s illegal email server, he brushed off the incriminating evidence found on the server as “routine stuff”.

They hacked into some DNC parties emails. That contained pretty routine stuff. Some of it embarrassing or uncomfortable, as I suspect if anyone of us got our emails hacked into there’d be some stuff we wouldn’t want on the front page of a newspaper or telecast. Even if there wasn’t really anything illegal or controversial about it.

There’s no many things wrong with that statement by Obama. Hillary Clinton can do no wrong in Obama’s eyes. Hillary Clinton set up an illegal email server in her basement, exposing our countries national security and secrets to anyone that is capable of hacking. But that’s apparently just “routine stuff” for the Democrats and globalists.

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