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I thought Lethal Weapon was going to be another corny unfunny buddy cop show. I wasn’t much of a fan of Damon Wayans honestly, simply because I haven’t seen many of his movies, not because he’s unfunny. But I must say Lethal Weapon is my new favorite comedy show. I would definitely put Lethal Weapon in my top 5 current TV shows. The comedy is hilarious, and the investigating and cop angle is great too. A lot of great acting and as you know character development is one of the first aspects of a show I look at, and they do a great job on that.
So I just wanted to do a quick little review on the show and say if you’re on the fence like I was about Lethal Weapon, I’d definitely recommend it. Oh ya and did I mention the writer and executive producer Matt Miller responded to a tweet I sent out about the show? How cool is that? And one last thing I have to include, the woman on this show are incredibly hot, like everyone of them.

You can watch Lethal Weapon every Wednesday at 8/7c on Fox…

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