Kanye West finally leaves Hospital after 9 days of silence2 minute read

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I did a post on this very odd topic when it first broke. I think there’s something going on with Kanye West. It all happened when Donald Trump won the election, and during his concert Kanye was saying “we need to give him a chance” and “I didnt vote but if i did I probably would have voted for Trump.” Shortly after, he’s puts in handcuffs and thrown in an ambulance, and then we don’t hear from him for 9 days? So lets break this down a bit more.. since the mainstream media won’t even talk about it.

There’s a few things that could have happened.

  • 1. Kanye West was behind it all and its just a publicity stunt.
  • 2. He’s speaking out against the illuminate like Michael Jackson, he wants out.
  • 3. Kanye really could be sick.

I personally think it’s number 2. Kanye West has been the face for the illuminate and the global elites. And he may have just seen the light. And sees that Donald Trump will be a great president. Kanye might not want to be a globalist puppet anymore. They can’t let that happen. So they took him and threw him in a physchword. Who the HELL knows what they were doing to him in there.

But Kanye West is staying under the radar. Being just realised we’ll see in just a few days is Kanye West is the same puppet for the global elites, or his own man once again.

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