Staircase Stories EP #2 | True Crime/Horror Podcast

Staircase Stories
Staircase Stories
Staircase Stories EP #2 | True Crime/Horror Podcast

Staircase Stories is a collection of tales with the intent to mislead listeners of its authenticity. Each episode of Staircase Stories will consist of three tales from the steps. One will be inspired by true events, while the others are fake. The true story will be highlighted at the end of the episode.

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Tale #1: Hide and Seek
Whats better then the safety of your own home? Security systems are installed into the walls of homes everyday. Keys lock doors every night to stop a potential burglary. But what happens when the danger is already inside? When your safety is stripped, and replaced with terror. Do you really know whose in your home? Find out, when it happens to John and Claire in,” Hide and Seek.”

Tale #2: Fear the Rain
Mother NATURE. She can be cruel. Fierce rains destroys different parts of our world each year. Our best defense against her, is finding shelter. But what if Mother nature wants to destroy more then just our material items? What if
she decides to end all life here? Think it could happen? Take a ride with officer Paul Lacey as he investigates a strange phenomenon in,” Fear the Rain.”

Tale #3: Perchance To Dream
How powerful is the mind? Humans have seemingly pushed its limits beyond imagination. But is it possible to reach out to another mind? People have long claimed to have the gift of telepathy, even so much as, work for local authorities. Many cases claim to be solved every year by psychic mediums. What if I told you it was true, all of it. What would you think? Follow along as Gart Williams soon finds the truth to his waking nightmare in, Perchance To Dream.

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