THIS is what’s causing BLOOD CLOTS & MYOCARDITIS in COVID-19 Vaccine.2 minute read

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In my hours and hours of research for my new documentary film “The Big Jab,” I have come across many different studies from very reputable University’s, Hospitals, ETC. The specific study I will be talking about in this article is one of the most shocking I have found so far.

The study shows that when the COVID-19 vaccine is injected in to the upper deltoid muscle, it must be administered intramuscular. That means the vaccine is injected into the muscle. The reason for this is “intramuscular injections are used to deliver medications deep into the muscle. Muscle tissue has a generous blood supply; thus, medications administered into muscle are rapidly absorbed into circulation,” according to Journal of Nuclear Medicine Technology.

Makes sense, right? Well, the real problem is, it’s impossible to verify that the vaccine is being injected intramuscular (IM) and not intravenous (IV) unless you pull back on the syringe plunger to confirm you’re not in a vein. Once you see there is no blood in the syringe, you can inject the vaccine into the muscle safely and the way it was designed.

The scariest part of all of this, is that the CDC and FDA Both Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna have clearly stated that their vaccines should only be given via IM route. Yet, current CDC and WHO guidelines no longer recommend precautionary measures during IM vaccine administration. (Source)

In that same Oxford Academy, they did an experiment on lab mice.

The study included injecting mice a variety of ways, IV Saline 1dpiIV mRNA Vaccine 1dpi IM mRNA Vaccine 1dpi

Graphic image, click to enlarge.
Graphic image, click to enlarge.


For more details on this study. Check out the video below…

Inadvertant intravenous injections

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