MUST SEE: Pfizer R&D Director caught on camera admitting they’re mutating COVID-193 minute read

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Project Veritas just published a groundbreaking video showing a high ranking Pfizer official admitting their trying to mutate COVID-19.

James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas has exposed dozens and dozens of incidences of corruption, fraud and straight up illegal activity throughout the years. But they may have just published their most unbelievable story yet…

Last night, a video was posted to the Project Veritas’ social accounts exposing the dark and unethical projects Pfizer has been working on.

In the almost 10 minute video, Jordon Trishton Walker, the Director of Research and Development for Pfizer was secretly filmed while talking very candidly with one of Veritas’ journalist’s.

Walker admits to Pfizer looking into mutating the COVID-19 virus themselves…

One of the things we’re exploring is like, why don’t we just mutate it ourselves so we could create – preemptively develop new vaccines, right? So, we have to do that. If we’re gonna do that though, there’s a risk of like, as you could imagine – no one wants to be having a pharma company mutating f**king viruses,” Walker said while constantly laughing.

Walker then said Pfizer would be unethically testing the mutated viruses on monkeys…

Don’t tell anyone. Promise you won’t tell anyone [laughing]. The way it would work is that we put the virus in monkeys, and we successively cause them to keep infecting each other, and we collect serial samples from them,” the Pfizer director said.

This guy just kept on giving throughout the video. He even says that he believes the virus was in fact started and spread by the Wuhan lab, calling the theory of it naturally forming “bullshit.”

You have to be very controlled to make sure that this virus that you mutate doesn’t create something that just goes everywhere. Which, I suspect, is the way that the virus started in Wuhan, to be honest. It makes no sense that this virus popped out of nowhere. It’s bullshit.

Pfizer Exposed For Exploring “Mutating” COVID-19 Virus For New Vaccines Via ‘Directed Evolution’

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UPDATE: Project Veritas just dropped a new video of O’Keefe confronting this guy, and he looses it! See it here!


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[…] this afternoon I published an article on the recent video dropped by James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas. In that […]

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