Pathologist shows horrifying reaction your DNA has to the COVID-19 vaccine under microscope1 minute read

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Ever wonder what the COVID-19 vaccine does the second it hits your DNA?

Thankfully, we now have the answer. An unbiased experiment done by board-certified dermatopathologist Dr. Ryan Cole, shows exactly what happens when the experimental vaccine interacts with your DNA.

First seen on’s “Alex Jones Show.”

Dr. Cole has never seen anything instantly coagulate blood and make the cells clump in on each other into protein blocks, but that’s what the studies actually show it does,” said Alex Jones on Thursday’s broadcast. “What did the rat & mice studies show? Annihilation of the heart tissue, arteries & veins, starting with the smaller capillaries.

That’s what the studies show, it all depends on where the shot gets in. We know it passes the blood-brain barrier because they put these patented lipids, or these synthetic oil particles, over the spike proteins to get them into the cells… Newsflash: if they can get something into a cell, they can get it into your brain.

The video is nothing but horrifying and needs to be shared everywhere!

Have you seen the trailer for my new CENSORED documentary about the adverse effects of the COVID-19 vaccine “The Big Jab?”

The Big Jab Teaser Trailer/Opening Scene

►Expand!!!◄ Have you been vaccinated for COVID-19? What did you first think when you heard of the possible dangers and side effects? Did you roll your eyes? Or brush it off as “just another baseless conspiracy theory?” I mean “it’s the government, they wouldn’t produce a vaccine that would hurt their people.”

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