Aaron Rodgers confirms his thumb is broken on Pat McAfee3 minute read

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The back-to-back MVP quarterback for the Green Bay Packers Aaron Rodgers was asked by McAfee if he’s ever had to play with a broken thumb before. The way Rodgers answered confirms his thumb is in fact broken.

Every Tuesday afternoon Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers goes on the Pat McAfee show to recap last week’s game.

This season, it’s been more somber than those past due to the 4-7 record.

On the final drive of the week 5 Giants game in London, while attempting a Hail Mary, Rodgers injured his throwing thumb. He’s kept just how bad the injury was ever since.

Earlier the speculation has been cleared up…

I’ve watched you play football for a long time,” McAfee said. “The thing that I absolutely love about it is you have this natural ability to put a football wherever the fuck you want it. Like literally ‘I can put this football wherever I want this ball to go.’ It is why people talk about you being the greatest football talent in the history of football.”

McAfee then asked Rodgers about him saying he has to throw the ball better in his postgame press conference last week, “the wobblers or maybe throwing off a little bit, was it a mental thing? Is your thumb really messed up?

Rodgers tried to kind of dodge the question about the thumb and downplay the injury as he has for weeks by saying there was some wind on Thursday night. He did follow that up by saying his thumb “is an issue,” but that he won’t rely on that for an excuse.

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McAfee asked Rodgers if he has considered wearing a glove due to the broken thumb, Rodgers responded by saying “I’m not a glove guy.” McAfee quickly followed up with “are you a broken thumb quarterback guy? Is this something you’ve ever had to deal with before?

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The speculation about whether the thumb of Aaron Rodgers is broken or just simply sprained was put to bed when Rodgers responded not by saying it wasn’t broken, but rather “I’ve broken other fingers in the past,” and then going through various hand injuries he has had throughout his career.

Another interesting question Packers fans have been wondering is if we’re going to see Jordan Love play and Rodgers possibly being benched for the thumb injury at some point this season once the Packers are mathematically eliminated from the playoffs, “if I feel I can still go out there and throw the way I throw it, obviously I’m going to keep playing,” Rodgers said.

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