NEW VACCINE DOCUMENTARY: “The Big Jab” watch the teaser now!1 minute read

Help us fight censorship!

I just dropped a teaser clip from my new COVID vaccine documentary “The Big Jab.” Watch the first 9 minutes right now!


The Big Jab Teaser Trailer/Opening Scene

►Expand!!!◄ Have you been vaccinated for COVID-19? What did you first think when you heard of the possible dangers and side effects? Did you roll your eyes? Or brush it off as “just another baseless conspiracy theory?” I mean “it’s the government, they wouldn’t produce a vaccine that would hurt their people.”

This is what I’ve been working so hard on! There is so much controversy and censorship surrounding the COVID-19 vaccines. I wanted to get to the bottom of it all. I wanted to look at the numbers, the studies, and the VAER’s report. I wanted to get first-hand testimony and speak to whistle-blowers.

That is why I am making this film. Because the people need to know the truth about the COVID-19 vaccine.

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