Aaron Rodgers apologizes to fans after terrible team performance (Recap)2 minute read

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Well, that was not a fun game to watch as a Packer fan. Everyone expected the Green Bay Packers to put on a show against the New York Giants team. The Packer nation showed up like nobody could’ve imagined. Unfortunately, the actual team did not…

A disappointed Aaron Rodgers took the podium after the game to address the media after the loss and was asked what would he say to the Packers fans that showed up to the game.

Well, first of all, we’re sorry. We wanted to come here and put on a show and win a football game. The crowd was outstanding,” Rodgers said.

Aaron Rodgers: ‘We had chances’ in loss to Giants

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Ok, so Rodgers is sorry for the loss. Where do the Packers go from here and where is the problem and how is it fixed?


We have arguably the best running-back duo in all of football in Jones and Dillon. Yet, we only ran the ball 19 times between the two backs against the Giants.

Despite the Packers being up by 10 points going into the half, we completely abandon the run. Typically, when a team is up, they run the ball more to eat up the clock. Especially if their running back is averaging 4.8 yards per carry.

Instead of running the ball, and keeping the best running back in the league, Saquon Barkley on the bench, we tried to go for the deep passes over and over and over again.

It’s extremely frustrating and quite odd that we continue to go for huge passing plays when they continue to fail. Rodgers steps back, avoids the pass rush, throws deep to Romeo Doubs and it’s overthrown.

Our defense has been much better than recent years. But when they’re on the field for long periods of time, they get beat.

We have a very young receiving core that needs time to develop.

You know how we help our defense and young receivers? Throwing short passes and most of all RUNNING THE FOOTBALL.

Last week against The New England Patriots we ran the ball for almost 200 yards on over 30 carries between Jones and Dillon.

Running the football is the formula for winning in Green Bay.

Matt LaFleur: ‘Too many mistakes’ in loss to Giants

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