EXCLUSIVE: Leaked email shows YouTube will be actively protecting child predators4 minute read

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The attack on our children continues. When they started doing “Drag queen story time” in libraries and coffee shops across the country, we were outraged. Then the movement of “trans kids” started and I thought things couldn’t get any worse, until I saw this email from YouTube.

A new email that RealNSE.com obtained exclusively through one of the top predator hunters on YouTube, Alex Rosen, founder of Predator Poachers.

The email was sent to his account directly -and other similar channels I’m sure – but due to Alex and I having a bit of a rapport, he was kind enough to send me the screenshots of the email.

The email is shocking, but the new policy they will be enforcing is sickening…

They prefixed the email by saying they were making a change to their “Harassment & cyberbullying” policy and that it may affect PP’s channel.

It went on to explain that they will be actively removing “staged meet-up that’s used to
accuse an identifiable individual of egregious
misconduct with a minor.
” It continues, “Please note that we may allow some content containing this type of material, but only when there is sufficient educational, documentary, scientific, or artistic context, or if law enforcement is present.

The email goes into explaining in more detail what would happen if a YouTuber doesn’t comply with these new rules, “We want to give the community time to adjust to these changes, so Creators won’t receive any a strike or upload restrictions for removals of content uploaded before August 29, 2022.

There has been a rise in predator catcher YouTube channels. Some, like Alex’s, are professional and do lead to arrests in almost all cases. However, without naming names, there are several other channels that are completely ridiculous, doing it only for the views and don’t even turn over their evidence to law enforcement.

I spoke to Alex about this new change. He’s hopeful that this won’t affect his channel since they do work with law enforcement and get arrests. But he has directed his audience to other outlets such as their page on Facebook and channel on Rumble.

I asked Alex why he thinks they’re making this change, “They’re showing their true colors,” Alex said.

The Alex Rosen interview | Predator Hunter Gordon Flowers, Predator Poachers, EDP445 & MORE

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He’s exactly right. Notice the way the email is worded, very specific, yet still very unclear. That is on purpose. They leave it very open and unclear so they can just decide if they want to remove a video and add a channel strike whenever they want.

There’s no reason to make this change. The predator(s) are not only told that they’re being recorded but most of these catches are confronted in public, meaning there is no expectation of privacy. Usually, their names aren’t released until they are booked in jail, and at that point is public information. There are no actual children in these YouTube stings, and they acknowledge that in their email, “staged meet-up.

So what is the problem here? They don’t lay it out at all in their email. They simply say this is a new policy, but don’t explain why they’re changing that policy. These predator catchers like Predator Poacher’s Alex Rosen, are extremely effective at catching these people and getting them to admit everything on camera. Charges are sticking, and these sick people are serving time.

So what is the problem YouTube? Until we get a clearer answer from them, we can only take them at their word. And that is that they will remove any predator-catching videos. Thus, protecting pedophiles. But at this point, do we expect anything less from these platforms?

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