Independent journalists DENIED access to PUBLIC RECORDS in Alex Jones Trial2 minute read

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Infowars founder Alex Jones was recently tried in Texas’ Travis County under Judge Maya Gamble.

Throughout the trial you can clearly see that everything was slanted in favor of the plaintiff. Mr. Jones was not only disrespected and treated like a child, but also blatantly gagged over many topics that could have been used in his defense.

  • Not allowed to say he is innocent.
  • Not allowed to tell the jury he is in bankruptcy.
  • Not allowed to show bankruptcy documents.

Trial Judge REALLY Doesn’t Want to ‘See the Inside’ of Alex Jones’ Mouth

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Judge Reprimands Alex Jones: You MUST Tell the Truth, This is NOT Your Show

After the direct examination of Alex Jones on Tuesday, Judge Maya Gamble reprimanded Alex Jones for what he said during his testimony. “You MUST tell the truth while your testify. This is NOT your show,” the judge said.

At the end of the trial, I took it upon myself to file a public records request with the Travis County clerks office per Texas law, section 552.234 of the Government Code.

I filed the request on August 11th. My request was for the names of the jurors on the Sandy Hook defamation trial that ended weeks before.

After a trial ends, some Juror information becomes public record.

We need to talk about the #AlexJones #SandyHook trial (TNBS 16)

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I finally touched bases with the lady in charge of all public record requests for that county, Nancy Rodriguez.

She advised me “that is the one thing I can’t give you.” When I asked why, she said she wasn’t sure and immediately tried to shut down any further questions by saying “can I close your request now?”

I got a very strange feeling after I hung up the phone. Nancy did provide me with another contact for someone else in the clerks office for more information. I will be following up with that person on Monday.

Is this a cover up?


Texas Court Clerk said they cannot release #AlexJones jurors names and has no idea why that is. Here is half of our call. #freealexjones #infowars

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