An open letter to Dan Bongino expressing my frustration4 minute read

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Greetings Mr. Bongino (and/or team),

My name is Nicolas Bowling, and I run an independent news website, I founded the site in 2016 when I had my “political awakening” for lack of a better word. I like to think the hard work and hard-hitting articles I wrote during the 2016 election, were a small help in getting Trump elected.

I continued to write, write, and get the word out about my site. Thankfully, I was featured on and Infowars: The Alex Jones Show. I take my journalism very seriously and want to do it full-time because I think I’m damn good at it.

Fast-forward to 2020 and the theft of our election. President Trump had the election stolen from him in 2020 and I used my site to try and show people across the country the evidence of election fraud. But as I’m sure you’ve run into as well other Conservative commentators alike, is that getting the people the information, isn’t enough. We have to make a change from the bottom up. Congress is what I’m talking about.

With the 2022 Midterms coming in November, I’ve been -excuse my language- busting my ass trying to research lesser-known Conservative candidates, their stances, past statements ETC, and interviewing them on my podcast and website.

The whole reason I’m writing you Mr. Bongino (and/or team), is because I’m extremely frustrated with these Conservative commentators who have these juggernaut-like platforms and are not doing anything to highlight these fantastic Conservative candidates.

We will win back both chambers of Congress in November, without question. But the problem is we will be elected more of the same, RINO’s! If we all work together founding and pushing constitutionalist, true Conservative patriots and get them elected, that would fix all of our problems.

You have a HUGE platform Mr. Bongino. Why aren’t you doing more to help these candidates? I’ve interviewed over a dozen candidates, and that’s on my own. You have a team of producers and researchers. Not to mention a much bigger platform than me.

Every episode you go on the air and slam the radical crazy liberals and the RINOs and say how bad they are and how they need to be stopped, yet seem to be doing nothing to get them out of office.

Mr. Bongino, I appreciate all you do. I’ve been a big fan and supporter of yours for many many years. And frankly, I’m shocked and disappointed that you wouldn’t use your MASSIVE reach and hours and hours of weekly airtime to make a change that we all need in our government.

I know it can be a little intimidating to offer up an endorsement to a candidate sometimes. But man, we need to put our egos aside for a change and just go with our gut feelings. If a candidate checks all the right Conservative boxes, then go for it. If they don’t win? Ok, so what? You did everything you could to help that candidate. Them losing doesn’t make you look bad at all.

And if that’s the problem, then don’t endorse anybody, just have them on your show for a short segment to speak to your listeners and their potential voters. Let your audience decide.

The same old, tired so-called Republicans are re-elected year after year after year. Just to do the same crap. It’s up to people like yourself who have giant platforms to get young, solid Conservatives in there.

Mr. Bongino (and/or team) I want to thank you for your time, and all you do.



Nicolas Bowling

Editor-in-Chief of


I will be making a video version of this shortly. I will also be mailing the letter to Mr. Bongino.

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