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Conservative Voting Guide for Hawaii

This election is so important,” how many times have he heard that? Well, the reason we have to keep saying it is simply because the past elections we’ve elected the same old, tired candidates that have been in office for decade after decade. That has to stop. We need new fresh ideas in Congress from young Conservatives.

If you’re a Conservative in Hawaii. Here is a complete voter guide to help you in the coming midterm election.

Find candidate interviews and guides for your state at our 2022 Midterm headquarters. Even if you don’t live in this particular State, you can still help these candidates by sharing this and the other voting guides!

In this Voting Guide, you will find:

  • Best Conservative candidate for Hawaii Governor.
  • Best Conservative candidate for Hawaii US Senate.
  • Best Conservative candidate for Hawaii Congressional District’s 1 & 2.

Duke Aiona wins Republican nomination Governor

No Description

: Duke Aiona

  • Next Election: November 8, 2022 in
  • Current Democratic Governor is term-limited in 2022.
  • Family man, Ex-Lt Governor, Ex-Circuit Judge, Attorney.
  • Lieutenant Governor would be Seaula “Jr.” Tupa’i who is a Pastor.

Secretary of State: N/A

Attorney General: N/A

Bob Mcdermott Revised

No Description

US Senate
: Bob McDermott

  • The Incumbent, Brian Schatz  is a radical liberal, with an ‘F’ rating Liberty Score.
  • Next Election: November 8, 2022
  • Former State Representative, USMC veteran.

Conrad Kress for Congressional District #1, Hawaii

No Description

District 1: Conrad Kress

  • Next Election: November 8, 2022
  • The Democratic incumbent is a radical liberal, ‘F’ rating on Liberty Score.
  • Retired Navy Commander. Strong Conservative values.

Fun Campaign video for Joe Akana Campaign Bus “Clifford”

No Description

District 2: Joe Akana

  • Next Election: November 8, 2022
  • Incumbent is running for Governor.
  • Strong Conservative values, fighter, USAF Veteran.

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