Texas law shields Alex Jones from paying full 50 million dollar verdict1 minute read

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Alex Jones took to the airways today – on a Saturday – to talk about the historic trial and verdict that was announced late Friday evening in the Sandy Hook civil suit.

Alex released an almost hour long video breaking down the trial as a whole and the $50,000,000 verdict that was handed down.

On the show to help break it all down he had Attorney Robert Barnes. Barnes brought up the Texas law that puts a very specific cap on payouts for defamation cases.

”There’s these false claims out there that they can enforce part of the 45 million, or 13 million or 32 million. All false. The Texas law is completely clear, it’s $750,000 per defendant, cap, total, period. So basically what these verdicts end up being is – 2.8 million per plaintiff. So you’re talking about 5.7 million collectively,” Barnes said.

We need to talk about the Alex Jones trial (TNBS 16)

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