Sandy Hook accounted for just 0.16% of Infowars’ reporting, trial reveals1 minute read

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During the trial of Alex Jones-Sandy Hook defamation trial, it was found that Infowars spent less than 1% of air time on the massacre.

We need to talk about the Alex Jones trial (TNBS 16)

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I’ve been watching the Alex Jones defamation trial for the most part. Today was the closing argument for the case.

Throughout the trial, the attorney for Alex Jones, Andino Reynal, wasn’t extremely impressive to be honest. But during his closing argument, he seemed to really shine.

The full video of the closing arguments by Andino Reynal are below. But one thing really stood out to me.

Both legal teams submitted videos into evidence of not only Alex Jones but also other Infowars host Owen Shroyer.

During his closing arguments Andino Reynal showed a breakdown of the coverage time dedicated to Sandy Hook by Infowars from 2012-2018 was 18 hours and 43 minutes.

The total time on air for Infowars was 11,947.

It all equals out to 0.16% time spent on the Sandy Hook shooting.

He followed that up by stating: “I purpose to you. We’ve spent more time talking about Sandy Hook during this trial, than Alex Jones or his organization spent in 6 years talking about it,” Reynal said to the jury. “And they want to tell you, that that drove people insane,” he finished.

Closing Argument: Alex Jones’ Lawyer Cites Anti-Nazi Poem in Attempt to Sway Jury

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