Dinesh D’Souza SLAMS Bill Barr over his “2,000 Mules” comment at Jan 6 hearing2 minute read

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Dinesh D’Souza is sending shots back to former Attorney General Bill Barr over his comments on not only the 2020 election but also Dinesh’s newest groundbreaking film “2,000 Mules.”

Dinesh’s film is now streaming everywhere (my review will be coming soon). The film sheds light on just how they stole the 2020 presidential election.

Bill Barr told the January 6th committee that Dinesh’s movie didn’t show any proof that the election was stolen and even arrogantly laughed after his statement. I guess, to signify that he feels the movie is a joke?… ”I haven’t seen anything on the election that has changed my mind, including the 2,000 Mules movie.” Bill Barr said

He’s a very strange character. If I try to think of him, he reminds me kind of like the stereotypical small town sheriff. You know, the kind of overweight, kind of immobile guy, can’t really move around. Rank incompetence.” Said Dinesh on his podcast.

“You have the whole town that’s being robbed under his watch. Then when he’s asked like ‘how’s it happen sheriff,’ you know the fatso is like ‘what, what? Robbed? What? There’s no robbery going on! Haha!’ This is Barr, the unseriousness to his approach is pretty startling to me.” Dinesh continued.

I have to agree with Dinesh here. When Barr first came into office, I was hopeful. But sadly he was quick to disappointment. Doing nothing with the unconstitutional actions taken by Hillary Clinton and other high ranking officials when it comes to the Russia hoax.

But now, to actually see him laugh about the 2020 election being stolen… is just sickening to be honest. Here you have a guy who was the highest ranking law enforcement official, laughing at the thought of our election being stolen.

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In this episode, Dinesh shows why the January 6 hearings are not a trial but a kangaroo court, and Dinesh says this knowing it’s an insult to the kangaroos. …

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