C0dine, producer for Brodnax RIPPED me off5 minute read

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Before I get into the details of this story, I want to say, Brodnax had nothing to do with ripping me off, personally. I have no issue with Brodnax. However, I can’t mention C0dine, without mentioning Brodnax.

I discovered Brodnax’s music several months ago through Chad Armes TV. I quickly became a big fan. Around that same time I started rapping myself, and took great inspiration from Brod’s music and his hustle.

I’m constantly looking for not only just beats, but to also a long term working relationship with a producer so we can establish a signature sound.

Bootleg Da Rapper (BDR) on Twitter: “Stream the new single “Out Workin’ Everybody” right now! 👇🏻🔥 SPOTIFY – https://t.co/sxA7M2zqHc🍏 APPLE MUSIC – https://t.co/eXfBpqZxep#newmusic #NewMusicFriday pic.twitter.com/105qlP87a9 / Twitter”

Stream the new single “Out Workin’ Everybody” right now! 👇🏻🔥 SPOTIFY – https://t.co/sxA7M2zqHc🍏 APPLE MUSIC – https://t.co/eXfBpqZxep#newmusic #NewMusicFriday pic.twitter.com/105qlP87a9

If you listen to Brodnax, you may have noticed he almost exclusively works with one producer. In most of his songs you’ll hear him say “Dina on the beat and the buttons.”

“Dina” is C0dine, real name Cody Oliphant, who is Brodnax’s producer and engineer.

I really liked C0dine’s beats. In one of Brodnax’s Instagram posts he tagged C0dine. So I hit him up on Instagram.

I explained my situation, how I recently started rapping after being a longtime DJ and due to this, my budget isn’t enormous. I wanted to do part 2 of my song “OCD,” and wanted to get an exclusive beat for it.

January 20th: C0dine told me he doesn’t lease beats, but rather makes custom beats by request and sold with exclusive rights. We worked out a deal for him to make the beat for “OCD pt 2.” This would have been my first exclusively made beat.

I was extremely excited. I was not only going to get my first true exclusive beat that’s made just for me, but also from one of my favorite rapper’s producer.

I am not going to say what the agreed upon price was, but originally I sent about half through CashApp. I had to get the rest together. C0dine told me he would have the beat done that night…

January 21st: I contacted C0dine to let him know I had the remaining funds. He told me he would have the beat that night after he and Brodnax’s studio session…

January 23th
: I asked for an update. He told me yet again, he will send it shortly. He asked me to send the rest of the cash and he’ll send it to my email the second it’s done. Honestly, at this point I wasn’t even thinking I would be ripped off. I mean this is the producer and engineer for a big name artist… So I sent the remaining cash.

January 24-26th: I didn’t hear anything back. I messaged asking for an update.

January 27th: C0dine finally hit me back and said he had COVID, that is why he was MIA… He apologized and said he would give me an extra beat for the inconvenience.

February 1-11th: I gave him the benefit of the doubt. I asked for an update. No reply from C0dine from February 1st- 10th despite multiple messages from me.

February 13th-15th: The runaround continued. He told me he was working on it and I shouldn’t feel disappointed. He continued and said he didn’t expect it to take this long. I responded saying you told me it was done and just the mix had to be completed weeks ago. To that, he stopped replying in that particular conversation.

February 16th-18th: I requested a refund from C0dine. Unfortunately, because I paid for the beat through CashApp, and not a service like PayPal, I am not covered against scams. He told me he would give me a refund. But again, the runaround.

So I’m still without a beat, and without the money I sent to C0dine… I direct messaged Brodnax and let him know what was going on. We had a discussion, and he offered to pay the money back himself, which I appreciated, but declined. Brodnax said he contacted Cody for me.

I wanted to write this up, so anytime someone thinks about purchasing a beat or working with C0dine, this article comes up in a search and they will be warned.

Again, I want to reiterate that Brodnax, DID NOT RIP ME OFF. Furthermore, I have no issues with Brodnax and enjoy his music.

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