The Dark Web Red Room Conspiracy4 minute read

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The Dark Web Red Rooms Conspiracy

In this second episode of Staircase: Conspiracies we discuss the Deep Web: “Red Rooms!”The JonBenet Conspiracy #RedRoom #…

What would you do if you had unlimited money, but already bought everything your imagination could come up with? They say a large number of crimes are committed due to boredom. A very select few of the “elite” billionaires, are invited to join what they call a real “Red Room.” No, I’m not talking about the rooms where film is developed… I’m talking about a room where poor innocent people are tortured, and then brutally murder for the viewing entertainment of some of the richest people across the world.

A small group of people logon to a secure server via “The Onion Router” or often referred to as just “TOR.” TOR is a completely anonymous web browser that is used to access “The Deep Web” or “The Dark Web” as many call it due to some of the dark and horrific things that take place on there.

These sick individuals sit back in the comfort of their own home while watching these terrified people be tortured in every way imaginable while locked away in a room where the walls are stained with blood from past victims.

How to access a Red Room

Red Rooms are impossible to just stumble upon. The links are exclusively passed out and kept completely secret since, it’s highly illegal, of course. Many TOR sites claim to be a Red Room site, but those are one of two things, a scam to steal your money, or law enforcement running a sting or what is often called a “honey pot.”

Nobody officially knows just how a link is provided, or even how much access costs. Some say hundreds of thousands and others say millions. The more you pay, the more control you have in the torture and the way the person is killed.

Are Red Rooms real?

a href=”http://Peter Scully,” rel=”noopener” target=”_blank”>Peter Scully, an Australian man who was living in the Philippines, filmed himself doing some of the most unspeakable things to young children. I am not going to go into details, you can look it up yourself, which I highly advise you DO NOT. He filmed a movie called “Daisies Destruction” where he, again, did some of the most horrific things which I will not enlighten you on. A Filipino police chief called it “the worst we have encountered in our years campaigning against child pornography.

The little girl in the film was kidnapped from her family at only 5 years old. Although, Daisies Destruction wasn’t an actual Red Room. However, because this was all up for viewing – a pay per view in a sense – on the deep web, it’s virtually the same thing. Scully is currently awaiting trial.

Some say “Red Rooms” are completely made up because no one has ever seen one. But if they were real, would we ever really know for sure? If an individual has taken part in one of these sick illegal rituals, would they ever tell a soul? We’ve seen time after time scandals being uncovered. One of the most recent being Jeffery Epstein and what many call “pedophile island.” So this isn’t too far fetched.

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