The Legendary Beetlejuice returns after 5 year Howard Stern show hiatus! [VIDEO]1 minute read

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Where the hell has the legendary Beetlejuice – from the Howard Stern show – been! He is hands down the most popular, not even wack packer but I would even venture to say their most popular guest. You can’t help but laugh and have a good time when Beet is on the show. He is just such a star. He could be saying nothing but gibberish but somehow you know what he’s saying and its hilarious.

Beetlejuice was on The Howard Stern show earlier this month and gave us a little update – in that ol’ Beetlejuice fashion – on what he has been up to.

Beetlejuice Returns to the Stern Show for First Time in 5 Years

Legendary Wack Packer Beetlejuice talks with Howard Stern live about his life now and his new cryptocurrency, BeetCoin.SUBSCRIBE for more videos: http://bit….

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