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I was able to speak to yet another fascinating patriot. This time it’s , who’s running for Illinois 17-district for the House of Representatives. Charlie is not only a veteran of the United States Marine Corps, but also a former Police officer.

Here is my exclusive interview with Charlie Helmick…


I see you’re not only a veteran of the Marine Corps, but also a former police officer. Thank you for your sacrifice. I have a two part questions for you.

– What do you make of the situation in Afghanistan? And how do you think it should have been handled?

“After 9/11, we had to find those guilty and make them pay for what they did that terrible day in NYC and Washington, D. C. Freedom itself was under attack, and we responded to bring those that were guilty to justice. After 20 years of war, we still are! et pockets of resistance. However, we should’ve never left Afghanistan. Though military actions were over, we should have maintained a presence just like we have in Germany and Japan to deter another attack and wars. With the Russia and China threat, our bases there were vital to strategic strength. We left behind our embassy and billions of dollars of military hardware. Now China will take control of that country using our infrastructure. Meanwhile, the Taliban are carrying out executions to anyone who had American contacts such as contractors. We should have stayed with a small rapid response force, but to let the Afghans be responsible for military operations,” Mr. Helmick told me.

– Why do you think we are seeing such a push to defund the police by the left?

“After the George Floyd incident in Minneapolis last year, with Officer Chauvin, many demanded that Police Departments disband, or even have their guns taken away. Everyone remembers the Rodney King beating in LA. The officers responsible were found not guilty in state court, but were found guilty in federal court for civil rights violations. Are there bad apples in the bunch? Yes. They are found, investigated and arrested. However, that is but a small percentage in any department. I get it, people don’t like getting speeding tickets. No one likes big brothers. However, when you are home one night and someone breaks into your home with a weapon, that officer you may want refunded will sometimes arrive alone to arrest and maybe fight that criminal risking his or her life? I believe this will pass. People know they will need the Police”

Why do you think so many Americans are so willing to give up their freedoms when it comes to COVID?

“Americans are not giving up their freedoms. They are being ordered too. With Executive Orders, we have no choice but to take it to the courts to no avail. The COVID-19 crisis has since passed, but there are still cases out there including the new variant. This too will pass soon. The ones most affected are the children.”

What does it mean to be a Conservative?

“One is a Conservative when he or she is guided by the original principles of the Constitution. Not the activist ideas created later that manipulated our Christian values. The majority of signers of the Constitution believed and loved God. They would have never approved abortion. During the first World War, they created the income tax to pay for the war, yet one hundred years later we are still paying the tax. There are many other examples, but being a Republican isn’t about good or evil. Remember both Reagan and Trump were Democrats however they became conservatives because their conscience led them to believe that we can have a government without socialist ideals where every individual farms his own land and does not rob from another,” Charlie said.

Do you believe there was election fraud that altered the outcome of the 2020 election? If so, what can be done to ensure it doesn’t happen again?

“I 100% believe it was an orchestrated election steal. There were too many players and the signs were seen months prior. The Democrats wanted payback. They manipulated voter registrations, ballot harvesting and fraudulent mail-in voting. Thankfully, many states are stepping up with voter integrity laws. However, we need more precinct Committeeman to be more proactive to fight the fraud.”

What are some things that are at the forefront of your agenda? In other words, what are the top issues that plaque your state that you want to get to work on fixing on day 1?

“I actually have a few. Many businesses closed their doors, leaving thousands unemployed. Many lost their homes and fell into bankruptcy. This cannot continue to happen. That is why I have developed an economic package to restart our economy while rebuilding our district. I want to fix our roads and bridges. Proved tax incentives for companies, so they can reboot our economy while hiring many of our residents. I want to bring in military contracting firms that build aircraft for our military.
Some of my plans include:

  1. Strong national defense
  2. Rebuilding our military
  3. Projecting our military presence
  4. Bringing defense corporations to our district
  5. Tax cuts for the middle class
  6. Business tax incentives
  7. Increased farmer subsidies
  8. Low-interest loans to farmers for new machinery
  9. Cut pharmaceutical costs
  10. Streamline FDA regulations for medications
  11. Medical vouchers for seniors and the disabled for medical equipment
  12. Travel tickets for seniors and the handicapped
  13. School choice programs
  14. School vouchers
  15. Daycare vouchers for single parents
  16. Increased veteran healthcare and programs
  17. Veteran housing program
  18. Education incentives
  19. Increase trade vocational training
  20. Police Qualified Immunity and protection”

Would you vote to impeach Joe Biden? If so, please explain.

“I believe Joe Biden is a failure as a human, as well as President. With no heart or compassion for Americans, selling himself off to the highest bidder, China. Over and over again he’s attacked Americans by costing them their jobs, raising taxes, pharmaceutical prices. Finally the fiasco in Afghanistan. It’s time we impeach him!” Charlie finished.


Illinois has become a cesspool for radical left. Just look at Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot. We need true Conservative patriots in Congress across the country. Therefore, I am endorsing Charlie Helmick for Congress!

To learn more about Charlie Helmick and his campaign for Congress (IL-17) or to donate, please visit his website.

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