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As I’ve mentioned previously, I love seeing former police officers and veterans running for office. I believe they bring a level of experience to Congress that has been lacking for as long as I can remember.

I was able to speak with a candidate for Congress to represent the state of Maryland, Bob Poissonnier. Poissonnier, is a retired law enforcement officer of nearly 30 years.

Here is my exclusive interview with Bob Poissonnier.


Please take a moment to introduce yourself to my readers…

“I am a retired federal law enforcement officer with almost 29 years experience. I retired from the DOJ FBOP in 2018. During my time with the FBOP I worked my way up the ranks from line staff to criminal investigator to lieutenant. I have 4 children (2 girls and 2 boys) and 9 grandchildren. I love my country. America is the greatest country in the world. I want to keep it that way,” Mr. Poissonnier said.

You being a law enforcement officer, what made you want to get into politics?

“During the Obama administration the treatment of law enforcement was on a decline. The statements of the president and the AG was a declaration of war on law enforcement. Unfortunately there are little to no representation for law enforcement in congress. It is time for someone like me to stand up for these men and women who risk their lives every day to keep our streets safe. Who better to represent law enforcement than someone who has lived it?”

Why do you think we are seeing such an attack on police?

“One of the biggest reasons I believe we are seeing such attacks on law enforcement is due to political representatives publicly attacking our officers. In essence, they “Monday morning quarterback.” It is easy for someone who is not faced with a life or death situation and who knows nothing about the situation to state what should have happened. In the field , law enforcement do not have time to analyze each situation, formulate a plan and then carry it out. In the field we make life or death decisions in a split second not hours or days.” Bob told me.

Personally, I think Congress has became pointlessly complicated. We see almost daily the pieces of legislation that are being pushed. Most of them are filled with “pork” and so many pages that it’s literally impossible to read completely before a vote is required. Would you pledge right now to vote “no” on any legislation that is too long to read before having to vote?

“Unfortunately politicians have developed ways to pass useless bills to fit the needs and wants of big corporations who lobby and are willing to pay representatives. I believe no bill should be voted on unless you know what is in it. I do pledge to vote “no” on any bill I have not fully investigated,” Mr. Poissonnier vowed.

What are you most passionate about in the world of politics? In other words, what’s your number one issue you’ll get to work on fixing on day 1 in the House?

“Obviously my first priority is reestablishing a good rapport between law enforcement and the communities they serve. It is important for the public to have faith and trust in law enforcement. Second is term limits for congress. There are too many politicians who have been in office for so long they have lost touch with reality. Third is upholding the constitution. Our first and second amendments seem to have been abolished. There are way too many gun laws and restrictions on the books. These laws do not deter crime but enables criminals free reign. I will also fight for election integrity. This past election has proven to be less than adequate. We need uniform laws that all states need to abide by.”

What specifically would make you a better representative for your district than David Trone?

“Unfortunately David Trone has done little to nothing to represent Western Maryland. As a resident of Cumberland, MD I sit in the heart of district 6. I will work with our local law enforcement to curb drug crimes in my district. I will work hard to support our mom and pop businesses, and help to bring in new business in our area. COVID has put a lot of these business in grave danger of closing. I will fight against mandatory lock downs. We need these small businesses to thrive. After all, they are the heartbeat of America. Because I live in district 6 it will be easy for me to be active in the local communities I serve. I will ensure I am available to my constituents in order to better serve them. As a retired law enforcement officer I understand what it means to serve the public. I have no problems helping a farmer clean a stall or dig a ditch. Getting my hands dirty is what I do. Western Maryland needs someone who is not afraid to be a voice for them, to go against the norm and to fight with everything they have. That person is me,” Robert said.

Would you vote to impeach Joe Biden? If so, please explain.

“Without a doubt I will vote to impeach Joe Biden. He has done nothing for this country but destroyed what many have given their lives to build.  Inflation is skyrocketing,  self sustainability is almost nonexistent. If Biden remains in office we may have nothing to pass on to our children and grandchildren.”


I has been such an honor being able to speak to such patriotic and heroic individuals. Mr. Poissonnier will represent Maryland’s 6th district far better than radical leftist David Trone. Therefore, I am endorsing Bob Poissonnier for Congress!

To learn more about Bob Poissonnier and his campaign for Congress (MD-6) or to donate, please visit his website.

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