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Despite not being everyone’s cup of tea, Bobs Burgers has somehow created a cult like following behind it that rivals American Dad, Family guy and other top animated shows. Fortunately for those that have fallen in love with the Belcher family and their off brand of humor, it has been announced that the Bobs Burgers movie will be in theaters on Memorial Day weekend 2022.

“We talked about [streaming] as it pertains to the movie and we decided we really want the movie to come out in theaters because Bob’s is already on TV,” he said. “Of course, we want everyone to be able to safely see it in movie theaters. We don’t want anyone to put themselves at risk. But assuming there’s a point at which everyone can go back to theaters safely, we’re excited about Bob’s the movie being seen in the theater, in the dark with other people, because that’s something we’ve never been able to do before. That’s the main course that we’re delivering to people, in this case.”

Bob’s Burgers Movie Update: Creator Explains Release Date Delay

A Bob’s Burgers movie was first announced back in 2017, but since that time the feature film debut of the characters from the beloved animated FOX sitcom has…

The news comes after the movie was delayed twice due to the covid-19 pandemic and on the heels of what will be the show’s 12th season on the air this fall. While details are scarce about what the movie’s plot will be, show creator, Lauren Bouchard has hinted that things such as Louise’s bunny ears hat will be explained in the upcoming film.

She will also be reunited with her nightlight in what is supposed to be a very interesting adventure. According to an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Bouchard claimed that it was also going to have musical elements, which is no doubt one of the shows strong suites. Whether it turns out to be a hit at the box office remains to be seen, but one has to imagine that their fans will love it no matter what.

In the end, it’s nice to see Bobs Burgers reach this monumental milestone in their existence and they join shows like The Simpsons, South Park, and American Dad in the process. Again, this show might not be everyone’s cup of tea, i myself find it hard to watch at times, but there are just episodes that pull you back in with their ridiculousness.

Whether it’s the dark subtle humor that gets glanced over by other family members, or just the dry humor that makes them so awkwardly funny, the show is fun. It teaches life lessons, and it does so in some of the most bizarre ways possible. It’s a funny show and worth giving a shot if you have the time. Be sure to check out the movie next Memorial Day as well!

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