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I had the pleasure to speak with Keith Swank. He is running for Congress in the state of Washington. I’ve spoken to a number of fantastic candidates. Some are veterans, some are former police officers, but I’ve never had the pleasure of speaking to an Army Airborne Infantry veteran and a thirty plus year Police Commander.

Being both an Army veteran and current Police Commander gives Mr. Swank a very unique prospective on things. It also brings discipline and patriotism that we rarely see in D.C.

Keith Swank Vets for Trump Endorsement

Vets for Trump Organization is Proud to Endorse Keith Swank for WA 8th Congressional District

Here is my exclusive interview with Keith Swank…


Please take a brief moment to tell my readers a little about yourself.

“I am a United States Army Airborne Infantry veteran, and I am a 31 year veteran commander of the Seattle Police Department. I am a Seattle Police Captain, and I oversee the SWAT, Arson Bomb Squad, Canine, and Harbor patrol units. I ran for Congress in 2020, and we almost pulled off an incredible upset in the primary. We spent less than one dollar per vote. Our message resonated with the voter,” Keith told me.

I see you’re not only an officer but also a veteran. Thank you for your sacrifice.

What do you make of the situation in Afghanistan? And how should it have been handled?

“I believe that we needed to leave years ago, but I think it is a travesty how we exited the country.  Not since WWII have we “won” a war.  We have been trying to change hearts and minds of barbarians, and that will not work as evidenced by what is happening in Afghanistan right now,” Mr. Swank continued.

“The first thing we need to do when we go to war is let the military plan how to win the war, and win it.  After we win the war, either implement our government and policies or leave.  No hanging out for twenty years hoping to turn a third world country into another America by being nice.  It doesn’t work, and it won’t work.”

“When we decide to leave a country such as Afghanistan, we have a strong military presence.  We remove all the citizens, the equipment, and then our warriors.”

Why do you think we are seeing a push to defund the police by the left?

“The left hates law and order, and they hate “white” people.  Those who are white feel guilty for being white. However, the guilty white people don’t want to give up all their property and security.   That’s the hypocrisy of the left. They believe that everything bad is caused by white people therefore we need to get rid of all establishments that were founded, invented, or established by evil white people.  Laws and courts were established by white people so they need to be done away with. Since minorities are disproportionately represented in the criminal justice system, the left jumps to the conclusion that the system is racist.  They do not take the time to educate themselves about what is really happening.  As an example, the vast majority of black victims are victims of black suspects.  The left doesn’t want to admit that. In the 2022 election we will be voting for law and order or anarchy,” Keith said.

Why do you think so many Americans are so willing to give up their freedoms when it comes to COVID?

“We have raised a couple generations of people who have not ever had to make any sacrifices.  We are soft.  Life has been too easy.  The government takes care of us.  We award participation trophies for youth sports so everyone is a winner. We have not taught the Constitution in schools, and our younger generations do not know their rights or responsibilities.  The MSM is in cahoots with the left to try to make everyone think they will die if they get the china virus. I believe this is a practice run for the left.  If we comply so easily with this, what else will we comply with?  Gun confiscation?”

What does it mean to be a Conservative?

“Being a true Conservative means: following the Constitution (state and federal), limiting over reach of the government, standing for freedom, liberty, and self-responsibility.  And, conserving our resources.”

Why has the world of politics become so toxic, you think?

“The left (which includes MSM, Hollywood, democrat party) and the DC Swamp hate President Trump.  President Trump was trying to drain the swamp, and the establishment (left and right) were against him.  We citizens supported what he was doing.  The few patriots in Congress were in support of Making America Great Again, but we did not have enough there to overcome the swamp.  Now, we the people, are ticked off about how President Trump and we were treated,” Officer Swank said passionately.

Do you believe social media giants such as Facebook, Google and Twitter are actively censoring Conservatives? If so, what should be done about it?

“I do believe that media giants are actively censoring Conservatives.  I believe they are censoring even little ‘ole’ me.  They also censor anything that goes against the left’s narrative regarding covid.  If the right had control of the internet and was censoring liberals, the liberals would want the media giants broken up.  I don’t necessarily want them broken up, but I do want the ability for those of us on the right to be able to get our voices heard.  So, I am for making the internet open, you know, free speech whether I agree with it or not.”

What are three things that are at the forefront of your agenda? In other words, what are three things that plaque your state that you want to get to work on fixing on day 1?

“I don’t like to look at what is best for my state.  That is one of the main problems we have in DC.  So many wanting to bring home the pork to their state.  I look at is as what is best for the country.  I am going to list four things.”

  • Border Security is necessary for national security.  It is the federal government’s responsibility to secure our borders to decrease the drug flow, human trafficking, violence, and diseases from killing our citizens.
  • Election Integrity:  Many of us have no faith in our election system.  We believe that the election was stolen.  The swamp is doing everything it can to keep us from finding out what really happened in the 2020  election.  When democrats speak about “voter rights” legislation, they actually mean voter fraud legislation.  Democrats want to legalize their cheating.
  • Crime is rising to levels that we last saw during the crack epidemic of the 80’s and 90’s.  We need to get back to law and order, encourage it, and work with state partners to hold offenders accountable.
  • Energy Independence: We need to get back to being energy independent so we are not buying fuel from countries that will turn around and use that money to fund terrorism.

Would you vote to impeach Joe Biden? If so, please explain.

“After the GOP takes back the house in 2022 the first thing they should do is impeach President Biden.  All the things they accuse us of doing, they do.  So, impeach Joe Biden right away for his “business” dealings with his son.  Biden is as dirty as they come.  Only now, he might actually not remember what he did.  No worries, a good independent counsel will be able to remind him.”

“We on the right need to start playing politics the same way the left does.  This is a contact sport, and it is high time our leadership realizes this,” Keith finished.



Mr. Swank hit the nail on the head with these answers. I agree with every last one of them. Therefore, I am endorsing Keith Swank for Congress in Washington’s 10th Congressional District.

To learn more about Keith Swank and his campaign for Congress (WA-10) or to donate, please visit his website.

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