Simone Biles finally claps back at her haters in epic Instagram post3 minute read

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Simone Biles has faced endless criticism after dropping out of several events in the 2021 Toyko Olympics, and it has spurred several conversations that are persisting today. However, one of the most important ones were the importance of mental health and how she shouldn’t have been looked down upon for dropping out due to mental health issues.

In fact, some people thought she turned her back on her country by doing this. That by not performing like she was supposed to, she was slapping every fan of hers in the face. That notion continued throughout much of the Olympics and didn’t even die down when she decided to compete in the Beam event, getting a bronze medal in the process.

In reality, however, Simone later revealed that she was suffering from bad mental health due to losing a family member and a case of the twisties. While Biles never said that the bubble policy played a role in her mental health during the Olympics, the incident could imply that it contributed to her stress. She also had a bad case of the twisties, which caused her to be out of sync with her body.

Fast forward a month, however, and Biles finally has a message for her haters. After criticizing her mental health for months, a message puts those detractors right where they deserve to be. Furthermore, they deserve this clap back due to what they put her through during the Olympics and how they somehow tried to ruin her career.

Definitely not the way I planned the Olympics going, but I wouldn’t change anything for the world,” she wrote. “I’m proud of myself and the career I’ve had thus far. This Olympics doesn’t erase the past accomplishments I’ve achieved, nor does it define who I am as an athlete. I’ve pushed through so much the past couple of years. The word quitter is not in my vocabulary,” she continued. “For some of you, that may be how you define me, but keep talking because I can’t hear you over my 7 Olympic medals, which tied me for the most decorated gymnast EVER as well as most decorated American gymnast.

In the end, it’s nice to see Biles finally get her peace with the situation. It’s also nice to her clap back on some of these internet bullies who think it is funny to criticize others for mental health issues. Hopefully, it serves as an example of how people shouldn’t treat mental health and how the world still has a long way to go on that issue.

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