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One of the candidates I was able to speak with this week was a candidate from Illinois for U.S. Senate, Bobby Piton.

Bobby Piton for US Senate: Illinois Needs a Constitution Guided Republican Senator in 2022

No more sitting on the sidelines watching the theft of our country …. Patriots from Illinois must unite to stand up for OUR Republic! Donate here https://se…

Piton is a conservative from Chicago who has been a prime target by the establishment left for some time. He’s been lied about and slandered by Liberal media outlets such as VICE and George Soros’ Media Matters for America.

Piton became a prime target for the left after exposing massive irregularities in the 2020 presidential election. He testified alongside Rudy Giuliani in front of members of the Arizona legislature.

Both outlets claimed that Piton is a follower of QAnon. I was able to clear that up as well as find out more about his campaign for U.S. Senate.

Here is my exclusive interview with Bobby Piton…


Please take a brief moment to tell my readers a little about yourself.

“I’m a God First, US Constitution, Family Centric Conservative Republican, Father of 5, 1st Generation American, Business Owner running for US Senate,” Pitton told me.

You’ve been attacked my liberal outlets like Vice and even George Soros’ Media Matters. They say you’re a QAnon conspiracy theorist. Are you a follower of Q?

“I know as much about Q as I do the letters P and R in relation to the alphabet. People comment about Q from time to time based on how I discuss issues, but Q has ZERO input into any of my research or analysis that I perform regarding voter integrity, economic, and political issues facing our Nation.”

What does it mean to be a Conservative?

“For me being a Conservative is taking the time to understand the Key Success Ingredients of our Civilization.   We are a Judeo-Christian Nation that believes in Liberty and Justice for All. We are Spirits in Human Form and Not Humans in Spirt Form.  My faith and knowledge that God truly exists is the cornerstone of my life, followed by the US Constitution that enshrines our God Given Rights.  Adhering to these “Truths”; Word of God (via the Bible, the Greatest Book Ever Written) and our US Constitution is what my definition of a Conservative is.  Family and every other facet of our society can only be secured if these Foundations are clearly taught and lived in our Society,” Bobby said.

Why do you think so many – specifically on the left – have fallen so far from the constitution?

“The Left (Communist Democrats along with RINOs are the uniparty) has attempted to undermine the US Constitution by destroying our Voting System.  It’s the fastest way to re-write the Rules of Society to Put their importance above that of God.  These are very sick souls that believe they should be worshipped and we are beholden to them. Power attracts the most corrupt and brings out the worst in the Best among us at times.  We are living in one of those times.  This is why we not only Need term limits for ALL Political office holders, but for employees of every level of Government.  Watch [this] clip for where I stand.”

Do you believe social media giants such as Facebook, Google and Twitter are actively censoring Conservatives? If so, what should be done about it?

“Yes, Big Tech is censoring not just Conservatives but anyone that it deems to be an enemy of it accruing more power and wealth. The best way to deal with these corrupt organizations that pay less than 1/2 of the tax rate of US Centric Companies is to Pass Legislation that ends the Slavery of End Users via Monetizing their Data.  Every company in America pays out 20-30% of it’s revenue to cover employees in their cost structure.  These Big Tech companies are paying end users ZERO even their information is being monetized and weaponized against them.  I would push for Legislation that would require All companies that monetize our information be required to pay us 25% of the revenues attributable to our information.  The technology is there to make this quite easy to institute.  In fact, the American American worker would be better off by the tune of $3-5,000 a year if this was passed and every Big Tech company would go back to earning the same normalized profit margins of every other company in America.  I also support the Right to be Forgotten Legislation or an opt out function in which our Personal Data is never allowed to be mined or sold,” Piton responded.

What are three things that are at the forefront of your agenda? In other words, what are three things that plaque your state that you want to get to work on fixing on day 1?

1)  “Voter Integrity and Auditing 2020 elections and All elections going forward.  The United States has every Public Traded Company audited each year.  We have the strongest capital markets in the world.  We should take a page from the 1933-1934 Securities Act and pass similar Legislation, not just for Voting but Local, County, State and Federal Finances.  These corrupt politicians exempted themselves from the 1933 and 1934 Securities Acts.  We need to correct this problem immediately.”

2)  “Push for Legislation that classified any discrimination on the basis of Medical Decision making against the Law.  I would use the EEOC Framework and add this Legislation to that enforcement agency.  You can’t discriminate on the color of skin, religion or sex, why should companies be allowed to discriminate on Free Peoples Medical decisions?  The Medical discrimination taking place is not only Morally wrong and a Violation of our Constitutional Rights.”

3)  “Move to propose legislation cut Federal Government Spending by at least 20% immediately.  The Federal Government used to collect 1 out of every 24 hours of our time via taxes.  Today that number is 8 out of 24 hours.  We are literally giving the Federal Government 33% of our lives when you add in the debt that is being accrued, up from 4%.  We need to slice 20% immediately as a starting point and then put in a trajectory to CUT government 3-5% annually for a Decade until we get the Federal Government back at a size that is under 10% of the GDP of our Nation.  I would propose a Constitutional Amendment Limiting the Size of the Federal Government to no more than 10% along with a Balanced Budget Amendment.  Inflation is skyrocketing because of runaway Government Spending.”

Was the 2020 election outcome fraudulent? If so, what do we do to ensure that never happens again?

“Yes, 2020 was fraudulent.   Look at all of my writings and youtube videos.  I’ve posted 100’s of hours since December.”

Would you vote to impeach Joe Biden? If so, please explain.

“I am confident the Truth regarding the 2020 Election will come to light and people will realize that Joe Biden is not the Rightfully elected President of the United States occupying the White House,” Bobby finished.


It was a pleasure speaking with Mr. Piton. During the aftermath of the 2020 election, Piton demonstrated leadership for the country. Leadership that most so called “Republicans” in the Senate did not display. With that said I am endorsing Robert “Bobby” Piton for U.S. Senate in Illinois.

To learn more about Bobby Piton and his campaign for U.S. Senate (IL) or to donate, please visit his website.

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