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Many of the candidates I speak to are looking to replace Republican incumbents. We’ve seen so many so called “Republicans” in Congress voting alongside some of the most radical leftist agendas. That’s one of the reasons I’ve been working so hard trying to ensure that we elect true Conservative patriots by contacting hundreds of candidates from across the country.

I was able to speak with Jeremy Gilbert. A Conservative candidate for U.S. Senate for the state of Idaho. Gilbert is trying to unseat Republican incumbent Michael Crapo. Crapo, is one of those Republicans I just talked about. He votes with Democrats almost 40% of the time.

Jeremy Gilbert for Senate Campaign Launch Video

Campaign launch video, Jeremy Gilbert for U.S. Senate Campaign.

Here is my exclusive interview with Jeremy Gilbert…

What is a “Conservative” to you?

“A Conservative to me is someone who adheres to the values and principles that our country was founded on. Specifically a limited federal government, lower taxes, individual financial responsibility for personal needs, less regulation of businesses, and a strong national defense. Furthermore, a Conservative believes that our founding documents were written in a deliberate manner and that their texts are not open to interpretation,” Gilbert told me.

How do we fix the stunning amount of illegals entering our country – specifically through the southern border?

In total this year, border agents have stopped more than 1.1 million crossings. The last time stops topped 1 million was back in 2006, but it took nearly the whole year to reach that point,” per The NY Post

I find that politicians tend to overthink issues like this one; making them more complex than they need to be. If you listen to the Border Patrol Agents on the ground, they will tell you what they need to secure the border. The first thing that comes up time and again is a physical barrier. The U.S. southern border is massive, there is no way that agents can be everywhere at all times. Fences, walls, barriers make it harder for illegal immigrants to cross into the United States when agents aren’t present. Will physical barriers stop all illegal immigrants? No, of course not. However, they are necessary tools to assist agents with their job. The next is enforcement of our immigration laws. One reason that so many people illegally cross into the U.S. is that there’s a good chance that they’ll get to stay. The Executive Branch has the power to enforce immigration laws, but sometimes it chooses not to. Furthermore, as we see with the Biden Administration, lack of enforcement is sometimes paired with conflicting messaging about illegal immigration. This leads to an environment where people feel emboldened to take a chance at illegal migration. The messaging from our government must be clear. If you circumvent our immigration system and come here illegally, you will be deported. We are a passionate nation who is welcoming to immigrants, but only if you do it the right way. As a Senator, I will push for oversight into the Executive Branch to ensure they are enforcing all immigration laws currently on the books. While at the same time working with the Department of Homeland Security to ensure it has the proper funding to secure the southern border,” Gilbert explained.

What are some of your top priorities right now?

“As someone who’s relatively new to politics, my priority right now is introducing myself to the voters of Idaho. My campaign is still in its infancy so my focus is on education. Letting the voters here know who I am, what I stand for, and that there’s an alternative to our incumbent Senator. I’ve been doing smaller meet-and-greet events so folks can ask me the hard hitting questions that are on their minds. This technique has also allowed me to understand what issues are important to the people here, and to tailor my approach to address their concerns. I ultimately want to elevate the voices of Idahoans to Washington, DC; and the only way that I can do that is by understanding what the people of Idaho care most about,” Jeremy told me.

What would your first 100-days in office look like?

“Many of the issues that I want to champion while I’m in Congress require the support of other Conservatives. To get that support I’m going to need to build a network of allies. I believe there are still people in the Senate who want to see things like term limits, reduced government spending, and decreased regulation. Tapping into that base and pushing them towards those goals will be vital. Much of my first 100 days will be spent forming relationships that I’ll use to further this aggressive agenda. Then it’s time to go to work. One effort that I’m willing to take the lead on is the elimination of outdated laws. I plan to introduce legislation within my first 100 days to remove many of our obsolete and overreaching federal law we have on the books. Americans deserve to have a commonsense federal code, not one that is over criminalized and confusing to its own citizens. My goal is to make that happen as soon as possible,” Gilbert said.

Tell us how you are a better fit to represent your Idaho districts than your opponent?

“I’m just entering the political world. Unlike my opponent, I’m focused on being a representative for the people. I’m excited, energized, and willing to look at things from a fresh perspective. Also, I think it’s critical to know the priorities of my fellow citizens, and work towards achieving them. I’m not interested in being a distant politician who is content with the status quo. My goal is to get out and meet with Idahoans all over the state; and not just in election years. My willingness to further the agenda of my state, versus my own, is what the people of Idaho are looking for,” says Jeremy.

When elected, how do you plan on combating the radical left such as Nancy Pelosi, AOC & the so called “Squad,” and others? The tactics they use to intimidate not only freshmen Congress members but especially freshmen Conservative candidates is just nasty.

“Elected officials who act like bullies to scare their opposition into submission are ultimately weak minded individuals. They’re often unable to defend their stances on the merits, and therefore default to juvenile attacks on those that don’t agree. To answer your question however, I will say this. As a former Army infantry officer who’s served in combat, I’m not intimidated by politicians. At the end of the day, I’ll stand up and fight for America no matter the cost; just like I did when I was in uniform,” Gilbert finished.


To learn more about Jeremy Gilbert and his campaign for U.S. Senate (ID) or to donate, please visit his website.

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