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Oregon has been a liberal stronghold for years. Specifically, a city like Portland, has such poor leadership in their Mayor Ted Wheeler that it’s become a cesspool for crime and the hate group “Antifa.”

That’s why the 2022 election is so important to ensure that we not only retake the White House but also vote in true patriots that have true American values to Congress.

I was able to speak with Lori Chavez-DeRemer, a fantastic candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives to represent Oregon’s 5th Congressional District.

American Heartache

Lori Chavez-DeRemer for Congress

Lori Chavez-DeRemer is running as a Republican. However, she has ran as an independent and libertarian in the past. Lori explained that Oregon has a unique way of filing party affiliation.

“I’m actually a registered Republican and have run as a Republican for my previous races. Oregon has electoral fusion laws that allow major party candidates to receive multiple party nominations. In the case of my state representative race, I was able to win the nominations of both the Independent Party and Libertarian Party.” She explained.

Running as a Republican, I wanted to know if Lori has received support from the state GOP.

“I have received endorsements from several high-profile former and current elected Republicans. The State GOP stays out of a competitive race until after the primary.” Lori said.

Lori Chavez-DeRemer served as Mayor of Happy Valley from 2010-2018. I wanted to know what she was most proud of as her time as Mayor.

“When I was elected Mayor, I wanted to give our youth a voice and to leave a lasting impact on our community after they left for college. I established a city-wide Happy Valley Youth Council that provided our young adults an opportunity to be an integral part of building the city they grew up in. Happy Valley was the fastest-growing city during my tenure, and I wanted to ensure everyone had an opportunity to speak up. The Youth Council has taken on many prominent issues such as addressing public safety concerns and anti-cyberbullying campaigns.” Chavez-DeRemer exclaimed.

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler is the worst and most radical Mayor in the country in my opinion. He has single-handedly empowered Antifa in his city. Can you share your thoughts on his time in office?

“As a former mayor myself, I understand the challenges and adversity of the role. Mayor Wheeler has caved to radical interests and led the charge to cut Portland’s police funding which resulted in an 800% increase in homicides this year. I have lived and represented the Portland metro area for more than 20 years and Portland used to be a beautiful city everyone in the suburbs would go out on the weekend for dinner or walks in the park. Now- it’s simply unsafe to stroll downtown at night by yourself. In just the last four years under Mayor Wheeler, Portland has deteriorated where businesses have shut down, homeless camps everywhere, and lack of police enforcement on crime. It’s not a coincidence that these issues have been exacerbated in the last four years under Wheeler. The buck stops with him, and Portland deserves better leadership.” Lori told me.

To try and get a full feel of a possible Representative Chavez-DeRemer in office. I wanted to know her top 3 priorities are.

1)    Public safety becomes an important issue as Portland continues to face lawlessness and a lack of resources for our police.

2)    Inflation under the Biden administration is causing the cost of everything to go up. We are seeing it with our gas prices and groceries.

3)    Education- Liberal politicians continue to enforce draconian and unscientific-backed lockdowns, eliminating opportunities of in-person learning for our children. I know many families here in the suburbs of Happy Valley that are struggling with online learning and desperately want their children back in class.

I think if you ask a large group of Americans to write down their three top priorities for the country or even their state, they would write down almost exactly what Lori put there.

Lori Chavez-DeRemer has been battling the left’s hateful rhetoric and attack on our brave police with the “Defund The Police” nonsense. For my final question, I wanted to get Lori’s thoughts on the whole “Defund The Police” movement and how it became so highlighted.

“Portland has slashed the police budget by more than $27 million in the last year and we’ve had a record number of Portland police officers resign due to the disrespect and threats from the radical left. This has caused skyrocketed shootings and homicides over the last year. In fact, due to the lack of police presence in downtown Portland, several bars have had to hire their own private militias to keep their streets safe. These dangerous consequences have trickled into the Portland suburbs where violence is up everywhere. During my tenure as mayor, a local police levy to keep our police force funded lost by one vote in November 2014. Knowing the importance of local law enforcement, I had a goal to reintroduce the ballot measure that following May. My team and I knocked on doors and held neighborhood meetings explaining the importance of our police force and the positive impacts they have on public safety. We won that campaign with more than 80% of the vote. Happy Valley has remained one of the safest communities in the Portland metro area. We need leaders who will defend our police and give them the resources they need to keep us safe.” Lori explained.

I was very pleased with Lori Chavez-DeRemer and her stances and views. So much so that myself and RealNSE.com is officially endorsing Lori Chavez-DeRemer for the House Of Representatives!

To learn more about Lori Chavez-DeRemer’s campaign and to donate to her!

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