Souja Boy takes shots at Kanye West over removing verses from Donda Album3 minute read

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The music industry is a very cutthroat business, and sometimes that bad blood spills over onto social media. This week, a perfect example of this was Souja Boy, who fired a series of tweets at Ye for taking his verses off a song on the new album Donda. The crank dat singer also knocked at Ye for wearing a MAGA  hat and upstaging Taylor Swift at the 2009 MTV Music Awards.

WORLDSTARHIPHOP on Twitter: “Soulja Boy explains the issue he has with Ye! 👀😳 @TMZ @souljaboy / Twitter”

Soulja Boy explains the issue he has with Ye! 👀😳 @TMZ @souljaboy

Soulja Boy even took things a step further by claiming that he was the first rapper to date Kim Khardasian, only adding more fuel to an already burning fire. Now, a lot of that fire has to do with the already deteriorating relationship between Ye and Kardashian, who divorced earlier in the year, but apparently, Souja Balls didn’t feel like pulling punches after having his verse removed

U Pussy. U wore that trump hat too. You did a lot of corny shit in ur career and got a pass. Bitch ass n***a apologize to Taylor swift @kanyewest,” he wrote in one tweet after learning that the verses were off the album, while another tweet with an old photo of Soulja Boy and Kardashian read, “I was the first rapper with @KimKardashian, not u @kanyewest.

Soulja Boy (Draco) on Twitter: “I was the first rapper wit @KimKardashian not u 😉 @kanyewest 😂 / Twitter”

I was the first rapper wit @KimKardashian not u 😉 @kanyewest 😂

For those who might not remember, West interrupted Taylor swift’s acceptance speech for the music video of the year award at the MTV Music awards and claimed that Beyonce had one of the best albums of all time.   He then walked offstage, leaving Swift to look around awkwardly while the crowd stayed silent. It is still 1 of the most controversial award show moments of the early 2000s.

Soulja Boy also decided to leak his verses from the song, remote control, on Twitter, which was supposed to be on the album. Ye never gave a reason for removing the verses from the song or if he and Souja boy had some bad blood, but things didn’t stop there.  The former swag star even took issue with the fact that Ye didn’t tell him about it being removed and claimed he wasted his time.

If he didn’t like the verse, he should have said that don’t text me acting like u f*CK wit it then secretly take it off.” Souja boy said in another tweet regarding the song being removed, “What kind of shit is that I was working on my album too? I don’t get time for this shit.

In the end, the album, which is the 10th of Ye’s historic career, has already been mired in controversy, and it doesn’t seem like that will change anytime soon. In fact, between Kim Kardashian supposedly being caught listening to the album on mute and Ye complaining that the album was leaked prematurely, it’s pretty much anyone’s guess what ends up happening next.

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