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Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer has been one of the worst Governors in recent history. Several months ago there was a supposed “kidnapping” plot that was magically stopped by the FBI.

Now, of course, details are coming out showing the “plot to kidnap” the Governor was all a lie used to distract us from the theft of the 2020 election.

I can go on and on about the shortcomings of the Michigan Governor. But I’ll spare you having to reread it all over again. Let’s look to the future at a candidate for the next Michigan Governor. I was able to speak to Austin Chenge and here is our conversation.

Austin Chenge is a very impressive candidate. He has a list of remarkable accomplishments outside of politics.

This is directly from his campaign website:

He created Waving in a social networking environment in 2011, a concept later seen on Facebook’s Wave. In 2016 his off road vehicle design (termed Wazobia tricycle) aimed at improving the lives of peasant farmers, made history in the West African nation of Nigeria as the first designed, engineered and manufactured by a person of Nigerian descent. Since 2018 he has served as a Specialist in the US Army, where he has been decorated with an Army Achievement Medal as Distinguished Honor Graduate with a CGPA of 99.8% and for exceptional performance while on Active duty. 

With a resume like that, I wanted to know why Chenge wanted to get into the dirty game of politics.

“As an ordinary Michigan citizen, I, like most people, got fed up with waiting for a political messiah amongst our political elite. Sometimes all that matters is for God to raise an ordinary person like the shepherd boy David to defeat the Goliath in the room,” Mr. Chenge said.

Mr. Chenge is one of the few candidates for Governor to make a campaign promise that they would cancel their states contract with Dominion – the voting software. I truly wish more would take a stand like you have. Can you give us your thoughts on the 2020 election and particularly the outcome?

“The people of Michigan are sick and tired of being told they have no right to question the elections of 2020. I am the only candidate who has traveled to all 83 counties in Michigan in more than 30-40years. During this time, I met ordinary people, farmers, small business owners and families. People no longer trust that the state, using those systems, can deliver a free and fair election. So I made a commitment that on day 1, I will cancel the contract we have with dominion,” Mr. Chenge explained.

We are being overrun by RINO’s (Republican In Name Only) in political positions across the country. I wanted to ask Austin what a Conservative is to him.

You are either a Conservative or you are not. I am a true conservative like Reagan,” Chenge exclaimed.

With the horrendous handling of the COVID-19 outbreak by current Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, I wanted to get a clear view of a Governor  Austin Chenge’s COVID-19 policies and possible mandates.

What are your thoughts on the vaccine? And are you vaccinated?
“I am not vaccinated. But any American who feels they need a Vaccine should be free to make that choice and not have the Government ram a vaccine down their throats,” Chenge said.
As Governor, would you mandate masks or even the vaccine?
“Absolutely NOT. There will be NO mask mandates or Vaccine passports. I will make sure the MDHHS Director I appoint is also a free thinking American who loves our American freedoms and way of life which has nothing to do with the totalitarian orders and mandates we have seen in the last year or so,” Chenge laid out.
And finally, I really wanted to get to the root of Austin Chenge’s vision for not only Michigan but the Country. So I asked him to lay out a few of his top priorities (besides COVID-19) for the Country. He couldn’t have given a better answer.
“My concern is with the people of Michigan First. Election Reform, The 2nd Amendment, Immigration and Education. For more information please refere to the Contract,” Chenge said as he pointed me towards the “MY PLEDGE AND CONTRACT WITH THE MICHIGAN VOTER” on his campaign website.
The contract that Austin Chenge put together is a really good idea to win over potential voters. It could be the deciding factor for voters that are unsure who to vote for. It acts as a more concrete campaign promise. On paper, clearly laid out with his signature. Very smart idea.

RealNSE.com officially endorses Austin Chenge for the next Governor of Michigan.

To learn more about Austin Chenge and his campaign for Michigan Governor or to donate please visit his website.

Stay tuned to RealNSE.com/midterms for more exclusive interviews with candidates in the 2022 midterm election!

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