Trump demands JUSTICE for Ashli Babbitt1 minute read

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Former President Donald Trump has clearly been following the story of Ashli Babbitt and the hunt for Justice.

Ashli Babbitt was a patriot. She was unfortunately roped into the “storming” of the capital building scam in January 6th. She was shot and killed without warning or provocation.

The shooter’s identity is still unknown, and the motive is still unknown. The capitol is a building that is funded by taxpayers. The people in it are paid with taxpayer money. So I’m still not sure how a taxpayer entering the building is illegal.

”I spoke to the wonderful mother and devoted husband of Ashli Babbitt, who was murdered at the hands of someone who should never have pulled the trigger of his gun. We know who he is. If that happened to the “other side,” there would be riots all over America and yet, there are far more people represented by Ashli, who truly loved America, than there are on the other side. The Radical Left haters cannot be allowed to get away with this. There must be justice!” Trump said in his statement.

People “breached” the Capitol, SO WHAT?

►Expand!!!◄It is impossible for people to “take over”, “breach” or “storm” a building that they literally own. We pay for the capitol building with our tax d…

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