American Kratom Association sues HHS & FDA to extend review period2 minute read

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The American Kratom Association has filled a lawsuit against the FDA and HHS to extend the comment period of the banning of Kratom.

The AKA sent out an email alert to their subscribers Saturday informing them of a major lawsuit in the effort to keep natural plant “Kratom” legal.

It has become clear that the FDA will use every trick it has to suppress the number of comments being submitted regarding an international ban on kratom,” the press release stated.

In fact, the FDA received notice of the proposed WHO Expert Committee Pre-Review of kratom on June 10, 2021, but deliberately delayed the required Federal Register Notice for comments for 42 daysuntil July 23rd. Then the FDA set an artificial deadline of August 9th. This administrative slight-of-hand only allowed the public 17 days (11 business days) to submit their comments.

The press release then explains the actions taken by the AKA.

We will not sit quietly by while the FDA tries to silence the kratom community.

So today, the American Kratom Association (AKA) filed a suit in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia against HHS Secretary Becerra, Acting FDA Commissioner Janet Woodcock, and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for their failure to provide an adequate comment period to allow interested parties to provide substantive and meaningful comments on whether kratom should be subject to a Critical Review by the Expert Committee at the World Health Organization (WHO),” the release reads.

We are asking to extend the comment period on the FDA submission to the WHO from August 9 to August 30, 2021. On something of this importance, the public has every right to have an ample amount of time to submit their comments.

”We are not sure if a judge is going to grant our request, so please, let’s make every effort to submit our kratom comments this weekend. We must finish strong to meet the deadline the FDA has imposed. Every kratom supporter must submit a comment and ask your friends and family to do the same.”

The full lawsuit can be viewed here.

If you’re interested in helping the AKA in the fight against banning Kratom, go here.

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