Fast food chain requires customers show proof of vaccination to eat there1 minute read

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CEO of the fast-food chain “Shake Shack” Danny Meyer says they will now require all employees and customers to be vaccinated to enter the restaurant.

We’re going to require all staffers be vaccinated and also require that guests who want to dine indoors at our restaurants show proof that they’ve been vaccinated,” Meyers said proudly.

Despite the rise in reports of adverse effects to the COVID-19 vaccine, this pusher of unhealthy burgers and shakes believes he knows what’s best for your health and wants medical tyranny.

We know the vaccine works and it’s time we make sure that this economy continues to move forward,” Meyer continued.

So, to help boost the economy, Meyer’s genius plan is to cut the number of patrons who can eat at his restaurant by half and ostracize anyone who isn’t vaccinated.

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