Sebastian Gorka exposes NSA tactic to spy on American citizens1 minute read

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Former adviser to President Trump Sebastian Gorka lobbed a massive allegation about the NSA and unconstitutional spying on American citizens.

While on with Newsmax host Grant Stinchfield, Gorka said the NSA has a branch called “Tailored Access Operations” or “TAO” that avoids constitutional restrictions on spying on American citizens by claiming since the internet is routed through several different countries, they can technically say the correspondence originated outside of the United States.

There is a part of the NSA, it is the most aggressive cyber arm of the NSA called the ‘Tailored Access Operations,there was a small unit of contractors in the TAO who had been tasked to actually surveil members of the Trump administration, me, Steve Bannon and others included.

Gorka joined Tucker Carlson in claiming that the NSA also spied on his communications. Saying that a very respected journalist has the evidence and will be releasing it soon to support his claims.

NSA surveilled members of the Trump Administration, including myself | Sebastian Gorka

Sebastian Gorka on being surveilled by the NSA as a member of the Trump Administration, Biden continuing the Obama legacy of spying alive and holding them ac…

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