President Trump hints at when we may make his 2024 announcement2 minute read

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Since the 2020 election was stolen right from President Trump and the tens of millions of patriots who voted for him, the question has been; will Donald Trump run again in 2024? Today on “The Clay Travis & Buck Sexton Show” the 45th President Donald Trump was on for a full hour on their radio show and may have given us the answer we have been looking for…

President Trump has been uncharacteristically mum on the subject of whether he is definitely going to be running for President in 2024. Throughout the what they are now calling it “Power Hour with President Trump,” the Buck and Clay asked Trump straight up multiple times if he is running again in 2024. Each time he would kind of dance around the answer. The feeling I got was him saying it is so bad out there now, I have to get back into The White House.

Later on in the interview Trump was asked again about 2024, but provided the most definitive answer we have heard yet…

CLAY: You mentioned, Mr. President… Last question. We appreciate all the time you have spent with us, our audience is absolutely loving it. You mentioned 2024. The number one question we are getting as people are listening to you talk, is, “When will Trump let us know whether he’s going to run again? Is there a date in your mind where you need to make that decision?”

PRESIDENT TRUMP: Well, the most logical date would be right after 2022. Right? You try and win the Senate, which is hard because McConnell should have never lost the two seats, and they should have never lost the two seats in Georgia. But you want to win the Senate. You want to win the House — very, very great chance in the House.

See the full informative interview here.

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