What if Daredevil was adopted by Kingpin? Comic review3 minute read

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In the world of “what if’s” and “maybes” the Marvel “What If…” comics are nothing short of pure entertainment. Some, of course, are less than. But the 73rd edition of the 1995 “What If…” features my all-time favorite comic book character, the Kingpin.

There will be spoilers in this review of issue #73 “What If… Kingpin owned Daredevil”

Some aspects of this story are the same as the original. Such as Jack Murdock being killed by “The Fixer,” a young Matt Murdock being trained by “Stick,” and becoming a lawyer. The main difference being instead of Matt being taken in by the church, he is taken in by Wilson Fisk and his wife Venessa.

Fisk is just as much of a bad guy as we’ve grown to love in the regular comic arcs. He’s a spice manufacturer by day and the Kingpin of crime by night. But this time, he’s got an even better attorney to get him out of trouble, and his name is Matt Murdock.

Fisk comes across a dead Jack Murdock. We don’t see how he found the body, or why he is there, but we see Fisk inquiring about Jack and his young son Matt Murdock. Shortly thereafter The Kingpin takes in a young Matt and raises him as if he was his son. Which in turn makes Richard Fisk – son of Venessa & Wilson Fisk – extremely jealous. Which comes into play later…

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The best part about this story for me was seeing how the other characters in the world of Daredevil ended up without Murdock in their life.

Elektra stars an international law practice, Karen Page becomes a pornstar and Foggy Nelson still becomes a lawyer but more of an ambulance chaser than anything.

Another major change is Fisk tries to go legit and get out of the crime business. Unfortunately, at the end of the comic, we see Richard gunning down his father, Wilson. An incident that eventually killed The Kingpin.

I enjoyed this What If story. It was entertaining to see such a different take on the Daredevil story.

What if… The Kingpin Owned Daredevil?

Issue: 73
Volume: 2
Released: May 1,1995
Writer: Daniel G. Chichester
Editor: Carl Potts
Inker: Carlos Garzón
Lettered: Jim Novak
Inker, Penciler: Tom Grindberg
Colorist: Shannon Blanchard

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