Pathologist confirms COVID-19 caused death of woman2 minute read

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Marty Logan – an Arizona real estate agent – begged his mother to not get the COVID-19 vaccine. Despite this, his 88-year-old mother got the Moderna vaccine. Sadly, she passed away 24-hours later.

But that’s just the beginning of the story, it gets even more tragic and even more strange. Marty posted a two part video series on YouTube explaining the full story.

Marty explains that his mother was diagnosed with COVID-19 on January 15, 2021 and tested negative on January 31, 2021. With the COVID antibodies in her system she “drank the kool-aide,” as Marty put it and got the vaccine: “She received the COVID vaccine on February 16. I had dinner with her that night. we had onion rings, we had a margarita, she was fine. She dropped dead the next day,” Marty said.

Due to the suddenness of her death, Marty got an autopsy done. The medical examiner performing the autopsy wanted to write off the death as COVID-19 without an inspection: “The medical examiners did not want to do an autopsy, they wanted to write COVID on it. We said ‘No’,” explained Marty.

Marty then sent his mother’s brain tissues to a neuro specialist. The findings were shocking: “We then sent the brain tissues out to a neuro specialist. Here are the final autopsy results: She had a massive and rapid liver failure. I asked the doctor ‘what was it like in her final moments when she went out?’ When she died she had a shortness of breath, which felt like she was being choked and someone had their hand wrapped around their neck.

Marty went on to explain the following about the VAERS report (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System): “Here is the VAERS report that the pathologist sent to the FDA last week: The pathologist states that it was an adverse reaction to the vaccine.

Why is the media ignoring this?

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Part II:

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First reported by The Gateway Pundit.

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