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Top 5 Kingpin Story Arcs You Have To Read!

For the very first video of Cousins on Comics I figured what better way to celebrate than with a video dedicated to the Kingpin of Crime! Here is the top 5 K…

Wilson Fisk AKA The Kingpin is my all time favorite comic book character. The guy doesn’t even have a single super power, yet he has successfully taken on Daredevil, Punisher, Spider-Man and many more.

With the near flawless depiction of Wilson Fisk by Vincent D’onofrio in the Daredevil Netflix series, the character has seen a continued rise in popularity. The writers at Marvel even decided to make him the mayor of New York City. A position he is still in currently.

I figured what better way to celebrate the new comic book channel than with a top 5 list dedicated to the Kingpin of crime..

So here’s 5 awesome Kingpin Stories that every fan needs to read!


#5 Daredevil #297-300 (Last Rites)

We’re use to seeing Kingpin in a dominant position. So this is probably a bit of a different story arc than you might be use to. This arc is widely considered to be the fall of the Kingpin, as Fisk’s entire empire crumbles.

Recently losing his wife Venessa, Fisk is at a low point and Daredevil sees that and capitalizes on the opportunity to try and take down one of his greatest enemies. Although Fisk is in a weaker state than usual, Daredevil still sees him as the serious threat he is. Even saying, “he’s killed men with a word, broken families with a gesture, shattered dreams with a look.” “Wilson Fisk is simply the single most evil and dangerous man I’ve ever known.” That’s pretty crazy coming from the “man without fear.”

After being tipped off by Nick Fury of S.H.I.E.L.D that Kingpin has ties to a terrorist group. Daredevil starts digging. He finds that Kingpin has ties to Hydra through his broadcasting company. Once that is revealed to the world, no one wants anything to do with Fisk. Now without allies, the District Attorney, brings Kingpin in front of a grand jury and that’s where everything starts unraveling for the Kingpin.

We get to see Fisk in a totally different situation and that’s what makes this arc so interesting.


#4 Kingpin #1-5: Running with the Devil

This is one of my favorite story arcs of Kingpin. Fisk hires a journalist to write his autobiography to try and show the world who Wilson Fisk really is. Which allows us to see a completely different side of Kingpin, more so the side of Wilson Fisk, the man.

We get to see Fisk doing more charitable acts. Such as paying for children’s medical bills and even playing with sick kids at the hospital.

We get to understand who Kingpin truly is beyond the nickname “Kingpin”. There’s a number of awesome reveals in this story arc. One being how he actually got the nickname “Kingpin.” “He was a mentor of sorts, he protected me when I was a youth,” Fisk explains. “After he died I took the name to protect myself, a title I hadn’t earned. The Kingpin identity was there to trick people. To make them believe I was untouchable. More than human, I couldn’t be stopped. Even that I was willing to kill if I had to.


#3 Daredevil #211-214

This four series story arc is the first time Daredevil and Kingpin join forces and take on an even bigger threat. Daredevil and Kingpin have a common enemy, and that’s Micah Synn. They both want him off the streets for different reasons. So why not take him out together?

Kingpin and Daredevil put aside their differences for a time to take out Synn: “I’m agreeing to this because Micah Synn is the most ruthless man I’ve ever encountered and unless he’s stopped he’ll bring the city to its knees. But that doesn’t mean your boss here is an angel. That doesn’t mean I’m on your side. It only means the Kingpin’s the lesser evil.. for now,” Daredevil explains to Kingpin and a room full of his associates.

And the end of the arc they are successful in taking down Synn and his tribe and seemingly go back to being enemies.


#2 Daredevil #595-600 (Mayor Fisk)

This story arc is actually the first appearance of Mayor Fisk so it’s definitely a key issue. Not only that but this is such an amazing story. Not only does Fisk, a career criminal win the election, but he asks Matt Murdock to be his second in command in the mayors office! Just think about how crazy that is. Crazy enough to make Spider-Man wonder “Matt, what the hell are you doing?” Now, Fisk doesn’t know Matt is Daredevil, but Murdock has went after Fisk in court so he is an enemy of Kingpin at this point.

Fisk wanted Murdock as his deputy mayor to keep him busy and “point him in any direction we choose. He will spend all his energy on lost causes and manufactured issues,” as Fisk explains.

And Murdock accepts the position because he thinks Fisk stole the election and that he could get close enough to Fisk to see what he’s up to and be able to prove he stole the election.


#1 Punisher: Max #1-21

This story arc is long and just as good as is it gory. And I don’t say this jokingly, I really only recommend this arc if you’re over 18. Like seriously, it has some stuff in it that even made me squirm a little.

But the story itself is fantastic. It touches on so many great topics. Such as how Kingpin got started in crime and how he slowly worked his way up the ladder. And more importantly it shows just how ruthless Kingpin is. In the very first issue he pops a guys eyes out of his head with his bare hands! In the second issue he has a guy help him create a fake identity. The guy is hesitant that the Punisher will kill him if he finds out he helped Fisk set a trap. Fisk responds: “you’re right he will. On the other hand, if you don’t do it, then I make a phone call and within the hour your mothers teeth are knocked out and she’s being facef*cked by every gangbanger in crown heights.” You cross the Punisher he puts a bullet in your brain. Cross me I drag your entire family through hell and then I kill you.”

So there you have it, 5 story arcs every Kingpin fan needs to read! Be sure to check out the video version of this at the top of the article and be sure to subscribe to the Cousins on Comics YouTube channel as we will be uploading a new comic book video every week!

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