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The Venom trailer is finally here and with that comes Carnage!


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The trailer opens up to a familiar Eddie Brock and a black, long, tendril flowing through the kitchen from his back. An old song plays in the background as we hear Venom attempting to sing along. Eggs are tossed carelessly into the frying pan, waffles wildly fly through the air in hopes of finding a plate. Venom is making… breakfast? After seating Brock at the table, Venom asks if he wants ketchup and squeezes it till it accidentally explodes in Eddies face. Venom looks to be quite at home in his new host.

The trailer shifts to the convenient store from the first movie. Eddie and venom both tell Mrs. Chen hello. To which Mrs. Chen replies, “Hi, Venom.” I love how casual the two are now. They really do feel “symbiotic”.

The trailer then gives us Cletus Kassidy narrating over several scenes. “I’ve been thinking about you, Eddie.” It gives off a “Silence of the Lambs Vibe” as Cletus and Eddie correspond through letters. Kassidy seems to think their is a connection between them. What that is, l do not know. In the comics, Cletus and Eddie were cellmates after Spider- Man left Venom for the police. While in prison, the symbiote finds it’s way back to Eddie. When Venom fully emerges, he blasts through the prison wall and escapes. Meanwhile, Cletus is left to watch as Venom swings away. Looking out of the gaping hole in the wall, we can see a red drop of goo, left behind from where the symbiote snagged on the rubble, dripping directly onto Cletus’ hand.

So, how they connect in the movie is still yet to be seen.

Kassidy, of course, is played by the electric Woody Harrelson. He clearly understands who he’s playing. I look forward to more scenes from him.

The trailer then jumps to Venom eating a “bad” guy. If you remember at the end of the first movie, they agreed to only eat really bad people. I’m glad they still have the “hunger” element to Venom. It makes him a much more compelling anti-hero.

We also get a quick glimpse of the character Shriek, being played by Naomie Harris, at the Ravencroft Institute. Her first comic appearance being in Spider-Man UNLIMITED #1, the first issue of Maximum Carnage.

We next get a few Easter Eggs. Cletus Kassidy is mentioned in the Daily Bugle confirming that it does take place in the Spider-Man universe. Eagle eye viewers will see a wanted poster for an E. Larsen behind the detective holding the newspaper. A nice little nod to spidey comic artist Erik Larsen.

We finally get our first full shot of Cletus Kassidy. Grinning with a smile that screams terror.

He looks to be on death row in the film. l’m unsure of how he becomes Carnage, but it does occur during his execution scene. If I had to guess l would say, someone injects him with a symbiote, instead of the typical lethal injection.

All hell breaks loose as Kassidy escapes.

We next get a montage of fight scenes. My biggest complaint about the first movie was that the villian looked just like Venom. Add in the dim lighting and your left with a confusing jumbling of gelatinous ooze. Hopefully, “There will be Carnage” will capitalize on the red color.

We finally get a full shot of Carnage right before the title card. I gotta say, he’s looking pretty good! With Andy Serkis (Mowgli, Star Wars, Planet of the Apes Trilogy) as it’s director and his mastery of Mo-Cap, this film seems to be in good hands.

The final shot of the trailer reveals Mrs. Chen is out of chocolates. Venom is PISSED and threatens to eat her. To which Eddie says aloud, “you can’t eat Mrs. Chen!”

Mrs. Chen says “Huh?” and the trailer ends.

Venom looks to be a fun, funny and a wild ride. Hardy and Harrelson face off for one glorious, ketchup splattering, breakfast food soaring, Easter egg finding, symbiotic movie experience you wont wanna miss.

Venom: Let there be carnage hits theaters September 24th 2021.

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