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Hawkeye always seems to be at the butt of the jokes when it comes to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It even got so bad that Jeremy Renner – the actor who plays the bow and arrow wielding Hawkeye – asked to have the character killed off so he could be done with the character.

But what if I told you that Hawkeye played a pivotal role in the MCU? Don’t believe it? Well, let me lay it out for you…

The first time we’re introduced to Hawkeye is when he goes for his bow and arrows to take out Thor. Coulson thinks that Thor may be a God so he tells Hawkeye to wait before he takes him out, he wants to see what happens when Thor lifts the hammer. So Coulson knew that he could be a God and he still sent Hawkeye to take him out.

The next time we see Hawkeye he’s being brain-controlled by Loki, another God. He is chosen by Loki to carry out the master plan to take over the world. Then, at the end of the first Avengers movie he shoots Loki with one of his arrows, and Loki – the “God of Mischief” – is tricked by Hawkeye.

The next time we see Hawkeye he is in “Avengers Age of Ultron” and a few things happened in this movie. First, he is almost brainwashed by Wanda but won’t let it happen again. Avoiding the possibility of being brainwashed despite the other Avengers being brainwashed.

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Then later in the film, Black Widow is taken by Ultron and everyone seems more occupied with Vision’s body than about Black Widow, except for Hawkeye making it seem as though Hawkeye has more heart than even Captain America.

Then at the end of the movie he tells Scarlet Witch that if she walks out the door she’s an Avenger, motivating her to become an Avenger.

The next time we see Hawkeye it’s in “Civil War.” Although he doesn’t do too much aside from a few fight scenes, he does tell Black Panther “hi I’m Clint.” Black Panther responds “I don’t care.” This is important for a later reference in “EndgameM”.

During “Infinity War” we don’t see Hawkeye, leaving almost every single MCU fan to wonder “where the heck is he!?” When we finally see Hawkeye again it’s at the beginning of “Endgame” and we see his whole family being taken from him which turns him into “Ronin”, a deadly assassin who basically starts taking everyone out after he snaps during that 5 years in-between “Endgame” and “Infinity War.” This is important as the Avengers needed Clint. They needed him for all of the prior things I said already.

During “Endgame” Hawkeye is the one who volunteers to go back in time to make sure the time travel theory works. Remember, Hawkeye has no powers whatsoever and he is still one of the first to jump at the chance to risk going back in time.

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During the scene with Black Widow and Hawkeye going after the Soul Stone, Black Widow feels that Hawkeye is worth dying for. The final awesome moment is when Black Panther calls Hawkeye by his first name, Clint. I guess he did care. Hawkeye will be premiering later this year on Disney+.

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