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Welcome to the world of the Amazing Spider-Man! I’m going to be reviewing each issue starting at #61 from the current 2021 run. The series is currently being written by Nick Spencer with artist Patrick Gleason. The artwork is simply amazing and each panel is written in a way that makes the comic difficult to put down.

Let’s get into it…

Amazing Spider-Man #61 Review | A New Spider-Era!

How is the all new P.O.V. Spidey suit go over with Pete? Will Kingpin ever get his hands on Boomerang?…

A new Spider-Era begins here! After coming off of the conclusion of Kindred and the Green Goblin, Peter is ready to return to his normal life. Although, his new normal is definitely odd. Living with the curious reformed villain Fred Meyers A.K.A. Boomerang, Randy Robertson, and their pet alien, Gog. Gog used to guard the pieces of the powerful Lifeline Tablet, which Boomerang and Spiderman are endeavoring to keep out of Kingpin’s hands. But Kingpin has plans of his own…

The story begins with Mayor Wilson Fisk holding a meeting with his “associates.”  Business has been good for each person who asks him for help. He looks at them with his dead, sharklike stare and they already know their choices came with a price. He wants one man.

“Fred Meyers. Boomerang.” Says Kingpin.

The story shifts and shows us a montage of funny moments Pete, Fred, and the cute but not so fluffy, Gog. Peter says that after months of unemployment and borrowing from his roommates for rent, it’s time to go back to work.

Desperate, Peter reaches out to Norah Winters and begins working as a photographer again for the journalist. Who subsequently also works for the hot-headed J. Jonah Jameson. While Peter is being toured around his new work building, Norah shows him a new suit specifically designed for Spidey. A sleek white and black suit with gold trimming running down each arm and leg. 100% designed for an interactive experience for “any old schlub.” Norah shoves the mask over Peter’s head and the screen behind them lights up, revealing everything Peter’s eyes see. This doesn’t sit well with Pete. Worried that his secrets will be revealed, he expresses his concern for Spiderman and his privacy. Norah and Jonah reassure him that the filming device can be disabled anytime Spiderman likes.

As we see Spidey swing into battle, we can also see J. Jonah Jameson yelling into Pete’s earpiece. “Your one-liners! The audience submits them for you to read in the fight!” Apparently, the fans of Jonah’s podcast are now writing Spidey’s quips, to which he reluctantly agrees. After successfully overpowering all of the enemies who stood in his way, he was surprised he won with ‘ole J.J. yelling in his ear.

We next see a brief exchange between Randy Robertson and his father Robbie Robertson. They discuss lunch, and then an ominous scene takes over, and then it ends abruptly.

We see Mayor Fisk giving several villains Get-Out-Of-Jail-Free cards (Literally, like, from the game monopoly) if they bring him Boomerang.

We cut back to Spiderman webbing up his foes for the police as they reveal to him, they, were in fact, a distraction.

The final pages of the comic shows us Boomerang chilling on a park bench showing off his new pet, Gog, to a couple of girls walking their dogs. The last panel reveals the precisely aimed villian bullseye has Gog in his sights and is just waiting for Kingpin to give the order…

To be continued next in The Amazing Spider-man #62

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