Conservative activist offers to organize street cleanup with AOC to clean up her filthy district1 minute read

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Conservative activist Scott Presler put out a video walking around parts of New York, specifically the district of Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, showing the streets littered with heaps of trash.

Presler included AOC’s handle in the tweet and addressed her directly. Offering to co-organize a street cleanup for her district.

I’m right next to Laguardia airport, and I’m in AOC’s district. You know, AOC I’m going to offer an opportunity. I’m coming back [to NY] and if you want to partner together to clean up your district, because this is pretty bad. This maybe an opportunity for us to work together.” Presler said in the 1-minute video.

Scott Presler was the one who organized a huge cleanup effort in Baltimore last year.

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I’m in @AOC’s district, right next to LaGuardia Airport. There’s a massive amount of trash piled up at the corner of Ditmars Blvd. & Astoria Blvd. AOC, since we both care about the environment, I’m offering a hand to help clean up your district. Call me.

Will AOC respond?

You can support Presler’s work here.

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