Comedian grills Dr. Fauci harder than media or Congress ever did1 minute read

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Eugenio Derbez is an actor and comedian who does funny videos and comedic interviews. I’m sure when Dr. Fauci agreed to do an interview with Derbez, he was expecting the usual softball questions regarding COVID-19. But boy, he got grilled.

Dr. Fauci was caught off guard by the hard questions that were asked of him. Questions that he should have no problem answering about the field he is an “expert” in. But, he danced around basically all of the questions and gave the cookie-cutter answers.

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This guy never gives a straight answer. He starts by stating the very obvious, and ends up always doing the same infomercial shtick.”That’s a very good question blah blah blah” … “just sign this blank cheque, please”.Typical conman behavior. 2/4

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A full year western Media has had the chance to make the right questions. It took a Mexican comedian to do it. And not just any comedian: hats off to the great Eugenio Derbez! Is there a chance that Bill Gates gives him an interview? 🤨 4/4

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If you want the full interview, it’s down below or on Eugenio’s Instagram account: a side note, if the world goes full WEF crazy, it seems we’ll all meet in Mexico sooner or later.

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