The Flash Season 7 Ep 1 Recap + Review2 minute read

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Has Barry Allen ran out the clock on The CW? Season 7 isn’t off to a very good start. Here is my full review.

Spoilers ahead!

The episode starts off with a meta-alert, and Barry steps out of what looks to be a sleeping chamber. It’s kind of strange. Berry comes out of the chamber looking very confused, almost as if he was in a coma. That’s never explained. But quickly gets it together after a few seconds. Heads out to try and catch Dr. Eva McCulloch AKA The New Mirror Master.

Can I just say, again, that the new Flash intro is just too long. I do like being able to see some of the epic things that Team Flash has been through. But it just seems a bit long for an intro.

Next we see Iris almost hallucinating inside of the Mirror-verse. Boy, We spent a lot of time in Season 6 seeing Iris stuck in the Mirror. Now they’re dragging it into Season 7? Also, I’m not a big fan of this “New Mirror Master” to be honest. I don’t know if it’s the Actress or the character itself or what. But it just doesn’t excite me. Even the little villains that The Flash faces here and there are more exciting than Eve McCullough.

We do get to see the new red suit, that looks pretty epic. It also has an Iron Man-like mask.

Another cool thing we see in this episode is Top and the 1st “Mirror Master’, Sam Scudder. Top also reveals some of her new additions to her powers.

Nash Wells also sacrifices himself to get Barry his speed back since “The Speed Force” died. The team at Star Labs has concocted an “Artificial Speed Force “.

I know this is only the first episode of the new season, but I really hope they bring in something new. I would love for the show runners to bring in another superhero to Team Flash, especially since Hartley Sawyer, the actor who played the Elongated Man was fired.

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