Alex Jones: “I quit, screw this whole freakin’ place”3 minute read

Alex Jones was fuming on his show today. Right out of the gate the longtime veteran of almost 30 years was red hot.

Less than five minutes into his 3 hour broadcast, “The Alex Jones Show“, Alex snapped and said he doesn’t want to do the show today, and continues on to say he “quits”, and “screw this place” [Infowars Studio, I’m guessing].

“I’m almost tempted right now, with the news I have that I’ve been working on the last hour to just not do the show today. It probably be better if I just call Tucker Carlson, call Steven Crowder, call Roger Stone, get on the phone with Trump – because I can get on the phone with Trump if I need to.

I may not do the show today. Just because, this is too important. I have the smoking gun, absolute total, complete master plan of the enemy. We have them by the short-hairs completely, and no ones going to care. It’s always the same. It’s total proof of just absolute evil that can destroy the enemy, no one cares. If it’s some vague Q thing or someone saw the Virgin Mary in piece of toast or something then it’s the most important thing in the world.

Here’s the deal I’m not just going to sit here and put this information out and just have nothing happen. I’ll quit today! I want to walk about from this place, SO BAD!!! Because we have all the evidence of what the enemy has done and no one does shit with it!” Alex Jones exclaimed.

I feel for Alex. He has dedicated so much of his life to this. To exposing the evil in politics and trying to save the country he loves, America. The amount of knowledge that Alex Jones has in awe-inspiring.

I feel for him especially because I have been in that same boat – obviously a much lighter scale. I’ve written hundreds of articles and many of those were very deep and covering important topics. But do people share it? No. Do people donate to keep the site running? No. So believe me when I say, I completely feel Alex Jones’ pain.

I’d been saying this for years, Conservatives need to be more like Democrats in the sense that Democrats ALWAYS have each others backs. They know what they believe in and they will go to bat for their beliefs. Conservative, not so much. We are very well-versed but don’t like to make waves, we just like to keep to ourselves and live our lives. But that really has to change; and I think that is why Alex Jones is so frustrated on this show.

Is Alex Jones just having a bad week, or could he be actually done and retiring soon? Comment below!

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Georgia Freedom

Keep at it, my man! So you know,Nicolas, your page came up first under my search “Alex Jones quitting” (DuckDuckGo).

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